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Africa/MidEast Flavors+Foods Repackaged!

At the recent Fancy Food Show-the popularity of global cuisines and far flung flavors-continues.

Notable=Mid East+ African staples-spices-favors go mainstream with eye catching packaging...

Some Tasty examples:

Ready To Eat:

Fabalish made a splash at last year's show with their deft use of cooked chickpea water-(Aquafaba-a dairy/egg replacer fyi) in their versatile sauces. Heat and serve-rte Baked Falafels...spare us the extra calories of fried versions-with these. KID SNACK ALERT - pop in a toaster oven/microwave for fast easy treat.

Like Couscous...(or Quinoa)

YOLÉLÉ FONIO-aka 'the ancient grain' is naturally gluten free and cooks up fast like couscous +can be used in recipes-similarly. A drought resitant crop-grown by rural farmers in Western Africa.. is naturally blessed with protein, fiber and iron. WIN WIN WIN WIN Available-Whole Foods, Thrive, Amazon...
Yolélé co-founded by Chef Pierre Thiam

New York Shuk spice blend offerings include Mid-East staple ZA'TAR, Moroccan Ras El Hanout, Shawarma,Baharat, Yemen-Hawaij- and versions of Tunisian Harissa (including a rose inflected one)

Saffron deliciously flavors this fresh lemon marmalade (AND SOFI WINNER) by BRINS (a Brooklyn based business that earned accolades for their fab jam-marmalade flavors).

We didn't even know Uganda yielded vanilla extract yet this country is the fourth largest world producer!
Priced similarly to Madagascar's. We tried this Nielsen-Massey Ugandan version.  It has multi-layers of really can taste it flavor-a spice with milk-chocolate-y-naturally sweet overtones. AND it tastes different than the Indonesian vanilla-pictured above on the left.

Organic Tahini (mashed roasted sesame seeds)...with tropical flair and peppery heat-these shelf stable versatile spreads, sauces, and frankly-worthy of eating right out of the jar...are by Little Brother-from a Greece based company 

The Perfect Pita (a based in Virginia company)-now serves up HUMMUS IN A SQUEEZE BOTTLE. SMART!

AT Whole four flavors