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Pro Aging-Practices-Procedures

Part 2


"Get Your Glow On"  a desired mission condition in global cultures -universally translates into dewy-plump (youthful), even tone-non-spotty, healthy looking-I woke up like this selfie worthy skin.

Along with products with 'clean' ingredients, and the quest to combat signs of aging courtesy of-stress, lack of sleep-social media jet lag (yes a thing-tv binging, Instagram addiction-blue light screen savagery), environmental pollution (urban dwellers especially), poor eating-living habits-UVA-UVB sun exposure, smoking, and genetics -the 'Glow On' derma goals are the guiding light direction of many new treatments.

We strongly feel that ditching some of the insane pricey creams/lotions that might take months to work  on the upper epidermis layer of the skin's appearance- and opting for one or two- non-ablative/or mildly ablative laser treatments with real positive visible results immediately and over a few month's time-  treating even the lower dermis 2nd skin layer (the 411) ...AND THEN using effective-inexpensive skincare products (sunblock especially-plus buzzy products with retinoids, peptides, anti-oxidants)-in air-tight packaging (no open jars)-plus good living habits...
-are the most value pro-aging neck-up ways to turn back the clock a decade or so.
Back of hands and neck/decollete are popular treatment areas too.  FYI-skin is usually numbed up prior-but at this event-we just had the back of our hands done fairly aggressive...without. Felt like rubber band zaps...tolerable.

A fav skin textural improving hybrid laser-Halo by Sciton (read our 2 part review here+here)-is a adjustable treatment (continuously measures skin temperatures) with ablative wavelength abilities (an aggressive session stimulates the epidermis-requiring 3-5 days of swelling-bronzing crusty skin- but manageable) and/or non-ablative one day barely there downtime (makeup covers it up) that treats the dermis.  A big deal-Halo can 'dialed' up/down depending on skin needs...and that mean all skin tones too.

Halo Hybrid laser-screen on the Sciton Joule system -provides a lot of feedback for  optimal treatment. Since we had two sessions two years ago-Halo's popularity with dermatologists and their patients-has really taken off.

At a recent beauty media breakfast -BOTH Washington DC area based Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi MD and NYC's Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin MD raved about how the adjustable Halo treatment (or two-6-8 weeks apart)-can really kickstart fibroblasts -encouraging fresh collagen to continue growing for 3-6 months more. Something one used to have to wield an ablative- deep wound response laser (like Fraxel fractional or CO2 laser)-for.
Translation-Halo's fast results= healthy new, more even tone, smaller pore size, thicker skin- trifecta.
individual adaptors-attach to laser...

Both Dr. Tanzi and Dr. Levin  encourage their patients to apply Alastin Skincare's peptide packed Trihex T  pre-post treatment options for optimal laser "procedural recovery and outcome."
screen shot of presentation ---sums up the benefits-well!
Bottom Line-with potential one and done laser treatment options..consumers hoping for meaningful-visible skin rejuvenating results, rather quickly too...should spend the time to seek out a board certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon...for the latest cost effective laser options.

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