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The Best+Fastest Makeover

It's Not What You Think...
No -we're not talking $ plastic surgery-but a much easier+wallet friendly way-to turn back the clock-5-15 years(+) for something  maybe more important than your selfie enhancement procedure--- customizing a fav pair of shoes.

A new lease on life-retrofit...of any footwear (just about) healing required-for those Sex In The City era pumps,  Burning Man-runway worthy comfort sandals,  moto boots that have lost their grrrrr, athletic boots worn of their functional pop...
and for even added snazzy swagger of drab dress shoes for truly personalized work-to-play style. 

VIBRAMs SOLE FACTOR Program and current tour is the solution.

Simple to Follow Custom Repair Steps: peruse the Vibram outsole option types-available online...and mail or bring in a pair to one of the many designated cobblers-available coast to coast-who can add serious sass (eye-candy patterns -colors) serious grip (the amazing ice clutching Arctic Grip)... AND practically plush cushioning... to most kinds of kicks.

No worries for the indecisive-online and telephone support via Cobbler Concierge/Nu Shoe consultant to help out with the choices (info).

Check out our before and after of a school-age acquired pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Chelsea Boots-square toe... so old -they're back in style again- and mercifully still fit. 
From beat up scuff-to city slick...with a handsome addition of reddish brown Vibram outsoles.-expertly grafted  on by Refugio Contreras of C& F Shoe Repair

FYI: Polished up-and shipped back (free)-package options are a super reasonable $75-$125

Officially obsessed.,,