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Friendly food takes on savory flavors-have broad appeal-with just enough detectable/delicious zing for mild to fiery palates.

Sabra hummus goes great with a lot-like crunchy chips, crackers, hunks of bread, and cut-up veggies-though perhaps not pen caps.
Hummus-a chickpea based dip- re-invented as an All-American staple from its Tahini--Mid-East heritage-IMO-courtesy of Sabra...when their hummus landed in refrigerator aisles back in the first 21st century decade. Now part of the "Pepsi generation' -it's flavorful varieties are available in assorted sizes-including snack sizes with pretzels-practically everywhere food is sold.

Hot off the seasoning trend-is Sabra's latest flavor -BBQ Hummus with Jackfruit and Smoked Paprika-tangy hot smoky sweet with jackfruit, brown sugar, tomato powder, smoked paprika, chili powder-joining the other piquant choices- Jalapeño Hummus-garlic plus dash of tart tangy white vinegar and peppery heat,  and Supremely Spicy Hummus-chili+red peppers plus garlic.

Addictive Garden of Eatin' Corn Chips-come in several crunchy flavors that are made from real deal ingredients. Bursting with genuine flavors- no dips are needed to enjoy- but they have a perfect shape for juicy-to creamy-accessories. The new BBQ Black Bean-made from organic corn, organic black beans, spices+sea salt. With  2 grams of fiber-no cholesterol - these chips -can also add some wholesome crispy texture atop hearty (more mushy style) deep dish entrées + cooked vegetables too-just crumble a few on top for insta-flavor!

LAYS Poppables (basket weave appearance reminds us as crispy Rice Chex cereals)---are additively fab fun to eat-truly light airy crunchy -finger licking buttery (aka not  greasy) chip derivatives-generally speaking- rightfully so -hogging up more grocery store shelves where we shop. The HONEY BBQ flavoring is a mild seasoning version-just the right amount IMO. Made from potatoes with aromatic honey BBQ, molasses, paprika, garlic, sea salt (perfect amount) and even tad of turmeric. Not be the epitome of healthy eating however -let's face it-but a satisfying 28 pieces serve up 150 calories. A manageable indulgence.  This flavor-is or will be widely available-part of Fritolays.