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Some the latest ingredients and trends in skincare, healthy hair and best beauty bets-from the NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Javits Convention Center) + Halo by Sciton, Alastin, GlamSquad NY Media Presentation 

 It's always interesting (to us) reflect back on what's remembered from the slew of information and new products soaked up at  NYSCC Supplier Days. 

Attended by loads of skincare+ cosmetic brands looking for the next 'it' ingredients, this two day affair gets very little mainstream press-but imo-is a good indicator of current trends and future skin/hair/beauty biz products. 
And the major issues of companies- including regulations/compliances

Therefore- standing out the most -was learning that not only does the FDA practically do zilch with regards to banning chemicals in the afore mentioned cosmetic product categories...(10 vs EU's ban of  1700 chemicals plus-and another 100 or so not yet reviewed chemicals reviewed by member countries annually-including- this year- Titanium Oxide-often used physical sunblock we slather on-fyi don't inhale it )...but also that the FDA does not legally require-demand manufacturer cosmetic recalls like the EU counterpart does...but issues warning letters (hello legal precedent-class action lawsuits)... and monitors said "voluntary' recalls...apparently.

No wonder USA consumers clamoring for simpler-'natural'-organic ingredients, smart ingredient labels (like P&Gs SmartLabel™)-and in general-the real 411 on production+sustainability methods of manufacturing. Pretty obvs- consumers have learned to not totally rely on Federal government for personal safety-protection. 

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