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Pro-Aging Review: DEFENAGE™ SKINCARE 8-In- BioSerum

Our New Hero Product

Preventive care+pro-health-are the 'new' positive buzzwords. In the skincare world there are many choices that ascribe to the aforementioned marketing smart adjectives-but rarely do we get too excited about any of these products...scientifically  based or 'natural.'

Partially because-after awhile-they all seem similar...with active ingredients sourced from same private label companies-or if blessed with unique components-sell in fancy packaging that doesn't ensure purity or longevity of the ingredients =and are insanely priced.
Accessibly priced, mass market skincare---on the other hand-often leans loaded with irritating fillers or fragrances that are off putting, of dubious chemical nature-(maybe even banned in the EU)- and not that effective.

Packaging Plus-air tight pump dispensers for 24/7Barrier Cream + 8-in-One BioSerum  ensures efficacy of ingredients-snap off tiny white tab-the top swivels-clockwise/counter-clockwise... open/close. The ultra-fine-sugar crystals +triple enzyme technology scrub=2-Minute Reveal Masque- in the tube -only need one light squeeze for the right amount of product- for entire face. Can be used 1x week-  rids facial skin of dead cells-as it contains papaya fruit and healing aloe juice. It kinda warms up -in a good way too-on the skin-and should be left on a reasonable 2 minutes before rinsing. FYI- super sensitive or openly irritated skin should not use scrubs ...generally speaking. Applied as directed-we think these products as packaged will last 5-6 months. Sold online-separately or as a trio package-in full and handy TSA fly kit size.
Happily-and surprisingly-we are jazzed about DEFENAGE™ Skincare-a new fast acting-and also, importantly-fast using new trio of skin solutions (a 1-2x a week 2-Minute Reveal Masque, and 2x daily 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, and  8-In-1 BioSerum). ... because it's based on a unique smart formula that's self adjusting, loaded with unique skin saviors-patent-pending powerful regenerative peptides-(AgeRepair Defensins™-discovered by scientists at the parent company-Progenitor Biologics™) plus other functioning ingredients (like niacinamide) that efficiently- improve the skin's barrier functions vs environmental assaults + aid the renewal of adult stem cells-for gradual improvement of one's topical facial appearance.  BTW-priced in the prestige end of skincare-but not so precious as to cost a month's rent.

Our new hero product--- is the 8-In-One BioSerum ($220)-that targets just about every skin negative-future or already here- for all skin types - ages millennials- baby boomers...brightness, age spots, fine lines/wrinkles, firmness, clarity, moisture, even redness...imparting rejuvenating properties-vital to healing/repairing via concentrated, advanced "4th" generation stem cell technology.

We use this serum 2x daily-about 2 pumps on cleansed-patted dry skin-(face, neck, back of hands)..though it is suggested that an application of the thinnish creamy white 24/7 Barrier Cream precede the serum -interestingly enough (usually a heavier textured cream follows serum in skincare protocol) We found the patent pending, 24/7 Barrier Cream-very hydrating- with the skin barrier repairing Age-Repair Defensins (like the serum)-plus moisturizing/healing shea butter, seed oils and reparative peptides. Not too too heavy either- we feel a really good product for normal-to dry skin.

Once applied (30 seconds after 24/7 Barrier Cream)-or on its own-the 8-In-One BioSerum- sinks  in...and sunscreen-makeup---etc. can be applied afterwards with no delay-good for time pinched people-which is pretty much everyone.

For us, as a preventative aging serum -Defenage's  is our one and done pre-sunscreen product that takes about 20 seconds (tops) to use. In fact , we haven't gotten this loyal to a daily use skincare product since now bought over Regenica was launched.

Need real skin help? As a 'cure' for truly visibly damaged skin, the trio of Defenage products-used as directed over 4-6 week period...certainly yields plenty of healing-as can be seemed by several convincing pics online-showing marked improvement on test subjects.

Bonus Points: NO animal or human derived ingredients important to us-as one of the 'it' ingredients for better skin care often includes- collagen-  animal bone derived. Other ingredients we avoid-are also impressively not used either...NO parabens, or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, sulfates, irritating abrasives/scrubs, mineral oi, petrolatum, or paraffin, colorants, phthalates, BHT/BHA, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, gluten ingredients...

Added Plus: Since DEFENAGE products are a-okay for all skin types-its a product line that can be used year-round use-no need to swap out depending on the fluctuating weather conditions.

There's a bit of fragrance in the 24/7 Barrier Cream---we found noticeable but not irritating...but it is suggested to not apply in the immediate eye area. The 8-1 BioSerum-we found-completely non-irritating-using on our entire eye lid area.