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New Protein Packed Snacks:Part 3

Less sugar-more protein=feeling fuller without the crash burn. Healthier snacks are trend to stay.
Coming to the grab and go fast eatery...near portion CONTROL!!!!

Sometimes it's the packaging-6 savory varieties of fresh fruit, nuts+cubes of cheese in portable container by NATURIPE  Snacks

Chobani Flip...crunchy treats and smooth Greek Yogurt ---adding flavors-including sweet mint chocolate chip...with creamy mint+Oreo- like cookie side+rice crisps= WIN WIN. Bonus-active healthy cultures of 3 types of probiotics, 12 grams of protein/19 grams of sugar- and non-GMO...vegetarian friendly+Kosher certified
Organic LIFEWAY Kefir-USDA Organic...5 oz containers of cultured nonfat milk and cream-joins snack market-with inventive flavor combos (blueberry + lavender, strawberry+rosehip) that are just delicious AND-in cool packaging too. Bumped up probiotic deliverer-90 calories (or so) plus 11 grams of protein, 40% of adult needs of calcium...AND only 4 grams of sugar. Terrific.

Cottage Cheese has lost its grocery store shelf space to yogurt et al-but this low cal powerhouse protein packed creamy dairy product-gets a deserving 21st century refreshing re-start from MUUNA. Available in single-two serving portions...we tried the low fat plain and tasty it is-with a full fat satisfaction that is filling in a good way. In multiple flavors (like strawberry),  w/o artificial sweeteners or flavors, serving up 15-19 grams of protein per. Kosher+gluten free.
Naturally protein packed 10grams/low LOW fat 1 gram Turkey Jerky-we bet these become just as popular as the original Beef meat ones.  By Country Archer---in flavors Hickory Smoke+Honey Dijon. Also available- chewy Turkey Bites (Mango Sriracha) and Herb Citrus Turkey Frontier Bars...but in our family spot-Jerky disappears the fastest.
ELIOT'S ADULT NUT BUTTERS...finally-a PB worthy of adults who don't have to worry about kids with allergies..this really is .capturing a market segment. Crunchy too...with bits of espresso. SO smart-and an ideal protein packed snack-eat it straight up with a spoon-or smear on a rice cracker for mid afternoon pick me up. Also sophisticated hot takes -in case you don't have spices handy... Harissa Cashew...Sriracha Sunflower, Chocolate Chili Almond Butter,  Spicy Thai Peanut Butter, Garam Masala Peanut Butter and a Honey Chipolte ($8.99)- too.