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New Make-Up Trends Part 2

Selfies for all+complexion perfection ---made easy-from ingredients delivered by under the radar companies from Asia, Europe and USA.

The first foundations for many gals we know=customized Prescriptives- dutifully purchased at a department store (1990s).
Well, the later might not be the beauty purchase destination of choice-but customized makeup (and skincare)-is STILL a thriving market.
Get camera ready with creamy, ultra-light foundations, radiant blushes and self-correcting moisturizing drops- multi-taskers with skincare properties (sunscreen, anti-oxidants, botanicals...) --- in liquid, cream and stick formats... long lasting coverage- that are hydrating and shine-free, matte.

Coson's powder mouse blusher-cream to powder that blends in to impart a natural glow
 Matte Contour Concealer....we like this a lot-as 'perfects' without greasy feel that can cause eye makeup to smudge when used under eyes...same company has matte hydrating line-up of portable foundation sticks too. 

S&J International Enterprises (Thailand based!!!) -Luminous Illuminating Blur...for the selfie generations-insta-skin flawlessness -soft-focus-self adjusting coverage-  in a long lasting formula.
many make-up-skincare brands have drops to add to one' fav moisturizers, etc-KOLMAR offers more choices for customizing liquid foundation-with subtle strobing (glow) drops that corrects and brightens skin's coloring aka real life photo filters :-)
Kolmar-High Cover Matte Finish Foundation-layerable-long lasting-hydrating
Fun packaged...South Korea'a too cool for school..Egg Mellow Cream-secret sauce sourced from private label  S. Korean based company-contains egg yolks+whites, collagen fibers+ "Inca Omega Oil" aka Plukenetia Volubilis Seed oil +niacinamide-firms, hydrates and brightens-'5-in-1'  toner, serum, face-eye cream--sleeping mask -is a popular multi-tasker launched in 2015-now available worldwide..