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MakeUp Trends-Forecasts- Spring '19

Part 3

Red/pink shades for eyes, glitter imparting pencils, powder-matte formulations, and rich sea blues -metallic overtones...some of the Spring 2019 predictions by companies that make the cutting edge makeup products for brands worldwide.
Schwan Cosmetics -from Germany is the world leader in pencils-for all things makeup...and a must -see at any beauty tradeshow...beautiful deep turquoise, sea blues-some with a rich metallic sheen or subtle glitter-go on creamy-in thick to sheen finish- are long lasting..use as eye shadow, as liner + along water line. Available in different sizes-with thin eyeliner like pencil -double sided-paired with spongy yellow tip...for blending.
Schwan -Pencils -a few pictured here-impart a powder-y finish-like those eye shadows available in a palette format-but more convenient-and precise application, for sure. At the bottom-dual sided-the brow pencil liner-which goes on powder finish-that's natural looking if in black-brown- brown-blond shades-but also available in playful rainbow worthy tones-like a brick red that we tried-that was...interesting...-has handy brush attachment ...the grey pencil up top-imparts a subtle glitter-that magically adheres to skin.
Schwan Cosmetics...second from top-that long pointy black eyeliner (one end-yellow the other)-is popular in Asia which of course means-it will be a global must, soon enough...gets that way with a unique sharpener. Not pictured-double sided liquid-(ultra liquid) matte lip stain- lipstick hybrid...goes on with sponge applicator-long wearing-imparting real saturated color.

we saw one of these last season-Melted Flower lip glosses-by Ancorotti Cosmetics-reaching retail now. That is real deal flower petals in there.
Lip gloss-lipstick textures have evolved! Liquid Velvet Paint-Strand Cosmetics Europe-creamy-satin shine-seriously color imparting hybrid with staying power -goes on with brush in that cap. IMO-after matte trend of this year---consumers will gravitate towards this hydrating feel-comes in variety of wow colors.

Impressive Nails-Qualipac America...we loved this bottle shape-from a NJ based company with patented designs including airtight makeup packaging that keeps ingredients safer from degrading smack-downs like air exposure.