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LUNCHBOX SEASON: Single-Serve Snacks

Part One
Targeting all- from the pint to plus sized... food companies-are offering up savory, sophisticated, +sweet treats in shelf stable, on the go packaging-lunchbox (hauler) friendly.


Biena Roasted Chickpeas-coat their crunchy -slightly salty additive protein packed nibble-with some-sweet-dark chocolate, milk chocolate and vanilla-y salt caramel. In large and snack size portions...chances are whichever you open-the bag will be empty, soon enough.
yeah-this packaging is perfect for kids-but never one to deprive oneself as adults-these Snikiddy USDA Organic Baked Puffs-are air crunch delicious-gluten free MUSTS-fresh cheddar cheesy-buttermilk hints without that freaky orange dye staining fingers. Certified gluten free+kosher too-110 calories a serving-a temptation that satisfied. Fun in grilled cheese and mac n' cheese flavors too.. Good Health Snacks kettle style chips--non-GMO verified thin thin thin sliced potato made crispy with three simple ingredients...including heart healthy avocado oil (30% less fat than regular ole')-and sprinkling of sea salt... both widely available

Natural Sins...SOFI winning dried slices of inhale-able goodness- pictured crispy coconut chips. -blessed with natural potassium and healthy fats of this fruit-sourced from Costa Rica-sliced and baked-2 ingredients only-kosher, paleo, verified non-GMO.
FARMER'S PANTRY MEAL SNACKS ...currently available in 3 adult mix- combos-Steak&Fries, Turkey&Fixins (pictured) and Chicken&Waffle Crisps). Chewy goodness-each contain-real deal slow-roasted veggies, meats like chicken/turkey breast (jerky fans alert)...and the crispy crunch of corn-seasoned+packaged in the neatest pouch out there-when opened -mixes up the ingredients in one handy bag.   

Nope-no buzz here.but packed with anti-oxidants-PLUS tasty sweet-in satisfyingly rich crunchy chewy fruit way-a big  YES. The Wine Ray Zyn Dark Chocolate Covered dried wine idea. The company-based in Napa valley-sources the grapes from dried chardonnay (touches of apricots+toasted caramel), cabernet (bold, complex berry) and merlot (raspberry -plum) -and coast them with rich dark chocolate certified kosher and no preservatives are artificial flavors.

We love olives-and mercifully- GAEA satisfies our craving for that salty chewy delicious treat- in handy single serve-pouches- w/o juice to spill and pitted-packages, USDA organic too.