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A Van's Life: The Essentials: Part 3

Gear options can make for happy trails... or without them= days of misery.

MyCharge Adventure Ultra, Hotels By Day

Top Pick... for the van life's  must have gadget list--is the lightweight portable charging hub + inverter, MyCharge Adventure Ultra-that -besides a slew of different USB slots for all those personal electronics made by companies that can't seem to agree on compatibility---has a real deal AC Power Outlet electric plug for stuff like small fan (8 hours), laptops/tablets, Bluetooth speaker-and even an 42" -32" LED TV (3 hours)-in case hitting' the road includes must see TV. IMPRESSIVE.

MyCharge Adventure Ultra ($129.99) powers up-on the move or when the power goes out...on right is new Adventure Ultra-with recharge cable plugged in. STATS=Battery 13400mAh, Input 20V Power Supply, Output: AC 110V 45W. Up top-the on/off switches on left for USB and on right -electric plug. In middle window-battery indicator and on/off icon indicators separate for USBs and AC Power Outlet-didn't come out in this picture. Efficient! Using it-can be confident that there's maximum power transfer to what's plugged in.
Rugged+durable-solidly built...and battery charge lasts up to one year.Weighs 1.05 lbs, -rapid recharge power bank charges up to 50x faster than competitors...and handy -charges the power bank and a connected device simultaneously...
On left-smaller MyCharge we got a few years back with USB slots...portable handle for our fading iPhone battery...and occasional power outages in rural environs we frequent. 

2 USB-A and 1 USB-C-charges phones, tablets and USB-C enabled closures keep 'em clean.

AC Power Outlet-this is great...using a small fan while camping out-nice option to have.

What else....
After a few days (weeks)-sleeping out of can get to a point where indoor plumbing just beckons...
An affordable method for securing that steamy hot shower with clean towels-comes courtesy of Hotels By Day-an app/website for travelers to urban/suburban/beach areas in need of a daystay-vacay.  SO SMART... an easy to book service-bolstered by application software that rounds up unsold inventory of participating hotel chains and offers them up for AM-PM hours - even at the last minute -for bargain $. 
Also great for those insane long layovers-airline flyers can be subject too...or biz types in town for day meetings...need a space to hang before or aft'-or a conference room for multiple human gatherings.