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A Van's Life-Car Essentials-Part 4

HYDRO FLASK, L.L.BEAN, Snack-In-The-Box, OTTER BOX, Pelican, Eagle Creek, High Brew, Califia Farms

Life on the road-for pleasure-or escaping less than optimal weather-some gear fits both occasions.
for a nip of  hot or cold-ANYTHING-Hydro Flask tumbler size -vacuum with snap  on matchy matchy vacuum insulated stainless bottles too...

L.L. Bean-sets any portable table, just right...with value priced 'camping goods' that qualify as 'home goods' too... including vacuum insulated travel mugs + bottles with lids-slide open/close, crowd pleasers- double barrel beer worthy BPA free stainless steel mug w/ copper finish in craft brew bottle size (16oz) with press on lid-slide one/close, handy insulated soft pack coolers made of durable 3x ripstop Cordura®, food-grade, non-PVC liners and ez access zipped main compartment, and we love- Traverse Camp enamel cup-delivers in a 4 pack-completes any al fresco kitchen with retro-camp chic.
not for kids only-especially depending what one puts in it (hhhaaaaa) ready-Snack in the Box™ are design STYLE by Precidio Design, Inc. On Amazon-these colorful haulers-are made of nearly indestructible Tritan®, adjoined 2 containers (6oz each)-and are BPA/BPS-phthalate free. PLUS-they clean ez in dishwashers-cause lids snap off.

OTTERBOX -is getting outdoors beyond coddling smartphones- with the awesome multi-functioning Venture Cooler-available in three sizes. Designed tough (that includes polycarbonate/ABS latches to block out critters big+small) and a mounting system-accessories enabled ---like inside-where there are 3 slots for compartment separations-w/ bottle opener, nesting grooves for cutting board+dry storage, slanted interior bottom to make draining via nylon drain plug easier, stainless steel pins, and rugged polypropylene inside/outside shells. 
PELICAN Elite coolers-are as tough as their indestructible haulers that every pro photographer we know -uses. Wheeled or not-they deliver-from 20 quart size on up, and up (50 quart). With a lifetime guarantee-they're insulated with polyurethane foam insulation, have a polypropylene body, ABS latches, stainless steel hardware, w/ built in bottle opener, molded in can holders-on the lid, dry rack (pictured below)-and a dry ice pack-both sold separately.

EAGLE CREEK -travel packing organizers  (Pack-It Original™) deliver in very stylish fabric patterns, and sizes- now-we keep em' on home dressers as well as hiding them away in a backpack or luggage. while traveling. So many shapes-feature zipped sacks, and loads of cubes-toiletry compression, garment, clean-dirty, shoe, etc. and our pick- new padded structured quilted circle set and mini-cube sets that are TPU lined-easy to clean-made of ultra-light silnylon ripstop, have quick grab handles, are water repellent and have ez grip rubber zipper pulls. Lifetime warranty too.
What Else:

Ready to drink-cold Brew for the road-or to wake up to-High Brew Coffee in  aluminum cans -tasty, no bitter, caffeine buzz- easy to keep cold (in the above coolers). Sweetened or unsweetened...we love the original flavor- double espresso-50 calories-smooth and low acid.

Another worthy cooler-buzz-practically anything by Califia Farms...they make this delicious unadulterated Cold Brew-so good -we say-one should opt for the large 48 oz of premium Arabica unsweetened Pure Black...and be sure to offer up alternatives for  any half and half addict-with the Better Half plant based creamers...that redefines what a dairy experience is-without the animals involved. YAY. Scrumptiously rich-made of coconut cream and almond milk.