Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pro-Aging Review: DEFENAGE™ SKINCARE 8-In- BioSerum

Our New Hero Product

Preventive care+pro-health-are the 'new' positive buzzwords. In the skincare world there are many choices that ascribe to the aforementioned marketing smart adjectives-but rarely do we get too excited about any of these products...scientifically  based or 'natural.'

Partially because-after awhile-they all seem similar...with active ingredients sourced from same private label companies-or if blessed with unique components-sell in fancy packaging that doesn't ensure purity or longevity of the ingredients =and are insanely priced.
Accessibly priced, mass market skincare---on the other hand-often leans loaded with irritating fillers or fragrances that are off putting, of dubious chemical nature-(maybe even banned in the EU)- and not that effective.

Packaging Plus-air tight pump dispensers for 24/7Barrier Cream + 8-in-One BioSerum  ensures efficacy of ingredients-snap off tiny white tab-the top swivels-clockwise/counter-clockwise... open/close. The ultra-fine-sugar crystals +triple enzyme technology scrub=2-Minute Reveal Masque- in the tube -only need one light squeeze for the right amount of product- for entire face. Can be used 1x week-  rids facial skin of dead cells-as it contains papaya fruit and healing aloe juice. It kinda warms up -in a good way too-on the skin-and should be left on a reasonable 2 minutes before rinsing. FYI- super sensitive or openly irritated skin should not use scrubs ...generally speaking. Applied as directed-we think these products as packaged will last 5-6 months. Sold online-separately or as a trio package-in full and handy TSA fly kit size.
Happily-and surprisingly-we are jazzed about DEFENAGE™ Skincare-a new fast acting-and also, importantly-fast using new trio of skin solutions (a 1-2x a week 2-Minute Reveal Masque, and 2x daily 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, and  8-In-1 BioSerum). ... because it's based on a unique smart formula that's self adjusting, loaded with unique skin saviors-patent-pending powerful regenerative peptides-(AgeRepair Defensins™-discovered by scientists at the parent company-Progenitor Biologics™) plus other functioning ingredients (like niacinamide) that efficiently- improve the skin's barrier functions vs environmental assaults + aid the renewal of adult stem cells-for gradual improvement of one's topical facial appearance.  BTW-priced in the prestige end of skincare-but not so precious as to cost a month's rent.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

MakeUp Trends-Forecasts- Spring '19

Part 3

Red/pink shades for eyes, glitter imparting pencils, powder-matte formulations, and rich sea blues -metallic overtones...some of the Spring 2019 predictions by companies that make the cutting edge makeup products for brands worldwide.
Schwan Cosmetics -from Germany is the world leader in pencils-for all things makeup...and a must -see at any beauty tradeshow...beautiful deep turquoise, sea blues-some with a rich metallic sheen or subtle glitter-go on creamy-in thick to sheen finish- are long lasting..use as eye shadow, as liner + along water line. Available in different sizes-with thin eyeliner like pencil -double sided-paired with spongy yellow tip...for blending.
Schwan -Pencils -a few pictured here-impart a powder-y finish-like those eye shadows available in a palette format-but more convenient-and precise application, for sure. At the bottom-dual sided-the brow pencil liner-which goes on powder finish-that's natural looking if in black-brown- brown-blond shades-but also available in playful rainbow worthy tones-like a brick red that we tried-that was...interesting...-has handy brush attachment ...the grey pencil up top-imparts a subtle glitter-that magically adheres to skin.
Schwan Cosmetics...second from top-that long pointy black eyeliner (one end-yellow the other)-is popular in Asia which of course means-it will be a global must, soon enough...gets that way with a unique sharpener. Not pictured-double sided liquid-(ultra liquid) matte lip stain- lipstick hybrid...goes on with sponge applicator-long wearing-imparting real saturated color.

we saw one of these last season-Melted Flower lip glosses-by Ancorotti Cosmetics-reaching retail now. That is real deal flower petals in there.
Lip gloss-lipstick textures have evolved! Liquid Velvet Paint-Strand Cosmetics Europe-creamy-satin shine-seriously color imparting hybrid with staying power -goes on with brush in that cap. IMO-after matte trend of this year---consumers will gravitate towards this hydrating feel-comes in variety of wow colors.

Impressive Nails-Qualipac America...we loved this bottle shape-from a NJ based company with patented designs including airtight makeup packaging that keeps ingredients safer from degrading smack-downs like air exposure.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

New Make-Up Trends Part 2

Selfies for all+complexion perfection ---made easy-from ingredients delivered by under the radar companies from Asia, Europe and USA.

The first foundations for many gals we know=customized Prescriptives- dutifully purchased at a department store (1990s).
Well, the later might not be the beauty purchase destination of choice-but customized makeup (and skincare)-is STILL a thriving market.
Get camera ready with creamy, ultra-light foundations, radiant blushes and self-correcting moisturizing drops- multi-taskers with skincare properties (sunscreen, anti-oxidants, botanicals...) --- in liquid, cream and stick formats... long lasting coverage- that are hydrating and shine-free, matte.

Coson's powder mouse blusher-cream to powder that blends in to impart a natural glow
 Matte Contour Concealer....we like this a lot-as 'perfects' without greasy feel that can cause eye makeup to smudge when used under eyes...same company has matte hydrating line-up of portable foundation sticks too. 

S&J International Enterprises (Thailand based!!!) -Luminous Illuminating Blur...for the selfie generations-insta-skin flawlessness -soft-focus-self adjusting coverage-  in a long lasting formula.
many make-up-skincare brands have drops to add to one' fav moisturizers, etc-KOLMAR offers more choices for customizing liquid foundation-with subtle strobing (glow) drops that corrects and brightens skin's coloring aka real life photo filters :-)
Kolmar-High Cover Matte Finish Foundation-layerable-long lasting-hydrating
Fun packaged...South Korea'a too cool for school..Egg Mellow Cream-secret sauce sourced from private label  S. Korean based company-contains egg yolks+whites, collagen fibers+ "Inca Omega Oil" aka Plukenetia Volubilis Seed oil +niacinamide-firms, hydrates and brightens-'5-in-1'  toner, serum, face-eye cream--sleeping mask -is a popular multi-tasker launched in 2015-now available worldwide..

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cutting Edge Beauty/MakeUp-What's Next...

Coming - arriving-the latest beauty tools and makeup trends ...sourced from tradeshows -which is where  all those niche, luxury and mass beauty lines often get their products from. Hence  a lot of similar goodies for consumers-seem to be launched around the same time-like the matte-hydration, long lasting-bold lipstick trend.
At recent MakeUp in NewYork trade show -we had a few minutes to cruise around...and gave a thumbs up to Jepson's smooth (patented) anti-microbial makeup sponges perfect for even applications of foundation, BB creams, suncreams' kind of textures. Pictured-2 types-made of smooth/soft silicone which is naturally a lot more 'clean'-anti-microbial/anti-odor...and ez to clean... and the Duo-Sili Sponge-smooth.scoft silicone one one side...and optional materials on the other-including the more traditional material. NICE.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Perk Up: New Coffee-Teas Blends

To wake up -or to chill out-the latest Coffee and Tea blends -to help achieve the desired outcome-boast 'healthy' add-ons -with new blends aiming to make these popular sips-even better for you.

EIGHT O'CLOCK was a 'mom' staple in our house...nowadays-this 100% Arabica coffee gets amped up with healthy for you-additions-perfect for the faster moving 21st century. ACAI GLOW-contains the anti-oxidant loaded superfood ACAI Berry,  a rich dark roast B6 Metabolism-that has just that, and a truly well balanced, aromatic  cinnamon+turmeric (anti-inflammatory) based super spice medium roast blend that's our fav-  tasty hot or iced cold. Have to say though-that the new ALERT medium roast-which gets its added oomph from the native Brazilian GUARANA fruit -is a guy pal fav-perfect for the early bird who needs the staying power of energy drink staples-without the jitters or weird taste. SALUT

Ethical Bean Coffee...USDA Organic-and carefully sourced from Fair Trade growers...offers several blends including medium roast EXOTIC with fruity/floral innuendos, 100% Arabica beans. In whole beans too.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Red, White, Blue+Patent

Aerosoles, Adidas Outdoors, Latigo, Wolverine, Nina, Sebago

Fav Footwear for Fall-to wear well into Spring-branches out from typical earthy autumnal tones with some patriotic red-whote-blue flair-or shine.
Affordable, too.

Suede Scalloped TELEPORT shooties $99-Aerosoles chic-w/ comfort-breathable memory foam insoles, grippy diamond flex outsoles...on solid block heel with gold accent.
Adidas Outdoor Terrex Choleah -built for any terrain-high top groove with weather tough+ comfort attributes like Ortholite sockliner, grippy Traction® tread outsole, Primaloft® insulation.

Friday, September 15, 2017

NYFW... YES, It's All About the HAIR


The angst about retail sales (full price-or discounted), the relevance of Fashion Weeks, and weather miscues of typical delivery dates ...make the festive Texture On The Runway show dedicated to the wonders of naturally curly tresses...a very welcome celebration of the most stylish possibilities.

The cavernous iconic Gotham Hall was filled with 700+ fans-eagerly recording the real world - catwalk models-attired fashionably... and... the big wow-made-up and hair STYLED -flashing casual everyday 'dos-to full on fab editorial...

ALL= magnificently coiffed 'fros, curled ringlets, cascading luscious waves or intricate braids- short to long tresses- courtesy of several top hair stylists and brands.

Hosts NaturallyCurly co-founder Michelle Breyer and professional hairstylist Monica Stevens (MoKnowsHair)-joined lead sponsor SALLY BEAUTY-with several brands-receiving their own catwalk segment-followed by a brief how to get the look...NICE!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Protein Packed Snacks:Part 3

Less sugar-more protein=feeling fuller without the crash burn. Healthier snacks are trend to stay.
Coming to the grab and go fast eatery...near you...in portion CONTROL!!!!

Sometimes it's the packaging-6 savory varieties of fresh fruit, nuts+cubes of cheese in portable container by NATURIPE  Snacks

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lunchbox Season:New, Better For You Snacks

As 'meals' or snacks-portioned and larger sizes of these new products are food trenders all-healthier eats, simpler ingredients, or indulgent sweets in smaller portions.

Conveniently packaged in 3s- shelf stable Miche's Kitchen cookies-are tasty chewy sweets-made from a sprouted organic flour blend-organic oat, garbanzo, sunflower seeds in the mix-a starting block for these better for you cookies. Vegan, gluten free-and free of major allergens- the REALLY kid friendly flavors (100 calories per cookie) of chocolate chip, coconut lime, gingerful, and green sugar are all delicious...worthy of a dunking in any beverage of choice.
GoGoSqueez-these products-have got to be one of the most popular snack purchases for Generation Z on down now-but we think-adult sized endurance athletes and hikers-will equally find favor with any of the 14 flavors of- on the go applesauces, or our preferred bunch-one of the 7 types that are USDA Organic. Smartly(FUN TOO) packaged in BPA free,  shelf stable twist top pouches- sold in 4 packs (like everywhere)---the satisfying 60 calorie serving-that we tried-has just three simple ingredients-organic apple, organic apple juice concentrate and organic lemon juice concentrate. FYI-the GoGoSqueez applesauce = just sweet enough (100% fruit derived, naturally and free of corn syrup/artificial flavors)...plus vegan friendly gluten, dairy, nut free, certified Non-GMO, and Kosher certified. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

LUNCHBOX SEASON: Single-Serve Snacks

Part One
Targeting all- from the pint to plus sized... food companies-are offering up savory, sophisticated, +sweet treats in shelf stable, on the go packaging-lunchbox (hauler) friendly.


Biena Roasted Chickpeas-coat their crunchy -slightly salty additive protein packed nibble-with some-sweet-dark chocolate, milk chocolate and vanilla-y salt caramel. In large and snack size portions...chances are whichever you open-the bag will be empty, soon enough.
yeah-this packaging is perfect for kids-but never one to deprive oneself as adults-these Snikiddy USDA Organic Baked Puffs-are air crunch delicious-gluten free MUSTS-fresh cheddar cheesy-buttermilk hints without that freaky orange dye staining fingers. Certified gluten free+kosher too-110 calories a serving-a temptation that satisfied. Fun in grilled cheese and mac n' cheese flavors too.. Good Health Snacks kettle style chips--non-GMO verified thin thin thin sliced potato made crispy with three simple ingredients...including heart healthy avocado oil (30% less fat than regular ole')-and sprinkling of sea salt... both widely available

Friday, September 8, 2017

L.L.BEAN ORIGINAL BOOTS: Classics, New Styles-and Available!


couldn't of put it better

Ditching the pricey heels that costs a month's rents-for outdoor lifestyle kickers-like the sellout L.L. Bean iconic duck boots-is a consumer trend accelerating in 2017.
Fortunately-  Maine's most acclaimed retailer -is expanding its Lewiston manufacturing capacity and launching a slew of designs featuring signature rubber tread outsoles, primo leather uppers that slug off harsh weather conditions-in new silhouettes, new colors, and flannel plaid lined versions-starting to deliver NOW.


signature 8" L.L. Bean Boot by L. L. Bean-manufactured in Maine since 1912-is a best seller-triple stitched, supportive steel shank,..variations include 6" bot, Thinsulate insulated, and tumbled leather grain upper that's shearling lined.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Van's Life-Car Essentials-Part 4

HYDRO FLASK, L.L.BEAN, Snack-In-The-Box, OTTER BOX, Pelican, Eagle Creek, High Brew, Califia Farms

Life on the road-for pleasure-or escaping less than optimal weather-some gear fits both occasions.
for a nip of  hot or cold-ANYTHING-Hydro Flask tumbler size -vacuum with snap  on lids...fyi matchy matchy vacuum insulated stainless bottles too...

L.L. Bean-sets any portable table, just right...with value priced 'camping goods' that qualify as 'home goods' too... including vacuum insulated travel mugs + bottles with lids-slide open/close, crowd pleasers- double barrel beer worthy BPA free stainless steel mug w/ copper finish in craft brew bottle size (16oz) with press on lid-slide one/close, handy insulated soft pack coolers made of durable 3x ripstop Cordura®, food-grade, non-PVC liners and ez access zipped main compartment, and we love- Traverse Camp enamel cup-delivers in a 4 pack-completes any al fresco kitchen with retro-camp chic.
not for kids only-especially depending what one puts in it (hhhaaaaa)...travel ready-Snack in the Box™ are design STYLE by Precidio Design, Inc. On Amazon-these colorful haulers-are made of nearly indestructible Tritan®, adjoined 2 containers (6oz each)-and are BPA/BPS-phthalate free. PLUS-they clean ez in dishwashers-cause lids snap off.

OTTERBOX -is getting outdoors beyond coddling smartphones- with the awesome multi-functioning Venture Cooler-available in three sizes. Designed tough (that includes polycarbonate/ABS latches to block out critters big+small) and a mounting system-accessories enabled ---like inside-where there are 3 slots for compartment separations-w/ bottle opener, nesting grooves for cutting board+dry storage, slanted interior bottom to make draining via nylon drain plug easier, stainless steel pins, and rugged polypropylene inside/outside shells. 
PELICAN Elite coolers-are as tough as their indestructible haulers that every pro photographer we know -uses. Wheeled or not-they deliver-from 20 quart size on up, and up (50 quart). With a lifetime guarantee-they're insulated with polyurethane foam insulation, have a polypropylene body, ABS latches, stainless steel hardware, w/ built in bottle opener, molded in can holders-on the lid, dry rack (pictured below)-and a dry ice pack-both sold separately.

EAGLE CREEK -travel packing organizers  (Pack-It Original™) deliver in very stylish fabric patterns, and sizes- now-we keep em' on home dressers as well as hiding them away in a backpack or luggage. while traveling. So many shapes-feature zipped sacks, and loads of cubes-toiletry compression, garment, clean-dirty, shoe, etc. and our pick- new padded structured quilted circle set and mini-cube sets that are TPU lined-easy to clean-made of ultra-light silnylon ripstop, have quick grab handles, are water repellent and have ez grip rubber zipper pulls. Lifetime warranty too.
What Else:

Ready to drink-cold Brew for the road-or to wake up to-High Brew Coffee in  aluminum cans -tasty, no bitter, caffeine buzz- easy to keep cold (in the above coolers). Sweetened or unsweetened...we love the original flavor- double espresso-50 calories-smooth and low acid.

Another worthy cooler-buzz-practically anything by Califia Farms...they make this delicious unadulterated Cold Brew-so good -we say-one should opt for the large 48 oz of premium Arabica unsweetened Pure Black...and be sure to offer up alternatives for  any half and half addict-with the Better Half plant based creamers...that redefines what a dairy experience is-without the animals involved. YAY. Scrumptiously rich-made of coconut cream and almond milk. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Van's Life: The Essentials: Part 3

Gear options can make for happy trails... or without them= days of misery.

MyCharge Adventure Ultra, Hotels By Day

Top Pick... for the van life's  must have gadget list--is the lightweight portable charging hub + inverter, MyCharge Adventure Ultra-that -besides a slew of different USB slots for all those personal electronics made by companies that can't seem to agree on compatibility---has a real deal AC Power Outlet electric plug for stuff like small fan (8 hours), laptops/tablets, Bluetooth speaker-and even an 42" -32" LED TV (3 hours)-in case hitting' the road includes must see TV. IMPRESSIVE.

MyCharge Adventure Ultra ($129.99) powers up-on the move or when the power goes out...on right is new Adventure Ultra-with recharge cable plugged in. STATS=Battery 13400mAh, Input 20V Power Supply, Output: AC 110V 45W. Up top-the on/off switches on left for USB and on right -electric plug. In middle window-battery indicator and on/off icon indicators separate for USBs and AC Power Outlet-didn't come out in this picture. Efficient! Using it-can be confident that there's maximum power transfer to what's plugged in.
Rugged+durable-solidly built...and battery charge lasts up to one year.Weighs 1.05 lbs, -rapid recharge power bank charges up to 50x faster than competitors...and handy -charges the power bank and a connected device simultaneously...
On left-smaller MyCharge we got a few years back with USB slots...portable handle for our fading iPhone battery...and occasional power outages in rural environs we frequent. 

2 USB-A and 1 USB-C-charges phones, tablets and USB-C enabled devices...tab closures keep 'em clean.

AC Power Outlet-this is great...using a small fan while camping out-nice option to have.

What else....
After a few days (weeks)-sleeping out of van...it can get to a point where indoor plumbing just beckons...
An affordable method for securing that steamy hot shower with clean towels-comes courtesy of Hotels By Day-an app/website for travelers to urban/suburban/beach areas in need of a daystay-vacay.  SO SMART... an easy to book service-bolstered by application software that rounds up unsold inventory of participating hotel chains and offers them up for AM-PM hours - even at the last minute -for bargain $. 
Also great for those insane long layovers-airline flyers can be subject too...or biz types in town for day meetings...need a space to hang before or aft'-or a conference room for multiple human gatherings. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

A Van's Life...Part 2/Apparel

Clothes to take on any city-country-outdoor festival jaunt-have to be travel friendly, weather flexible separates + easy cleaners...if you ever get to that around to it ...

via GIPHY   sourcecodepen.io/chrisgannon/pen/PzRWNO


Top Picks:

Smartwool boasts a bunch of lifestyle functional separates for Fall 2017-love this cocoon shape Urban UpSlope Hoody (black)-layers well-with outer nylon shell-protects against the wind... enough insulation (naturally warm/moisture wicking/anti-odor merino wool blend lining) for those cooling temps at sunset...belt it for more fashion flair--but there's a drawcord at neck+back hem adds to silhouette shape and keeps you warm. Hand pockets and smart of SMARTWOOL -reversible! $250

Walls Outdoor work/hunt wear is wear everywhere-for good reasons-pieces are well cut, made for guys on the move -out of comfy&extremely durable fabrics that could probably survive a zombie apocalypse.Wet weather coated vests are ez layer on/off-including this lightweight Thinsulate insulated nylon vest w/metal snap closures (high neck impedes any storm). PLUS  chest pocket, interior pocket, hand warmer pockets, and knit hem low waist. The Vintage Lined Duck Pant $49.99 has classic buffalo plaid fleece lining-comfort+warmth. Loops for hammer+utility and pockets deep enough for smartphones.

Friday, September 1, 2017

It's A Van's Life

Five:Ten, Sebago, Altra Running, Danner, OluKai, Helly Hansen, DZR, Hollowrock, Ridgemont Outfitters

Essentials for motoring travelers...

Pitching tents in  remote locales accessed by dirt roads- or driving along well worn pavements to outdoor cabins or campgrounds -and everything in between (say, en plain air music festivals)...outdoor life experienced in a car/RV-is an American tradition.
And there's no better time than late summer or Fall for hittin' the trail...
Take along= multi-tasking, functional essentials to take along for the ride...
Part One:
The Kicks=Urban Performance-Outdoor Lifestyle
Hiking, climbing and cool looking urban kicks-by Five:Ten. Sure, better known parent Adidas is the hot label-but we prefer the functionality of these-with the brand's proprietary STEALTH sticky rubber outsoles (grip galore-for technical edging and durability) plus comfy arched footbed, reinforced toe caps, breathable, perforated upper-and kinda mid-cut hit-delivering a city slick  approach shoe that takes wearers scrambling, bouldering, hiking-or sidewalk cruising . Fit-the exoskeleton lacing system (color lace options) keep it secure-so no twisted ankles on the descent, cushioning EVA midsole-absorb shocks of hard surfaces...imo  half size up from dress shoe size.

Sebago Litesides collection easily go off the boat-onto dry land with  practically featherweight comfort. These leather casual slip-ons ($100) (M/W)...deliver in  colors that are season-less-with on trend white foxing. Built in all day features include padded cupped EVA heel, dual-density, cushioning memory foam removable footbed, non-marking, slip-resistant outsole.