Friday, April 7, 2017


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LUNA Presents: Are You Brave Enough?
A firefighter themed adventure race and community festival

Hosted by: Vulcan Society and United Women Firefighters Sponsored by: LUNA

St. Mary’s Park 450 St Ann's Ave Bronx, NY 10455

When: April, 8th 2017 9AM
For firefighter exam information please visit: ​ ​ ### 


United Women Firefighter and Vulcan Society Host Firefighter Themed Festival

On April 8th, 2017 the United Women Firefighters(UWF) and the Vulcan Societywill host a free community festival and firefighter themed adventure race to promote diversity in the FDNY. T
his event will take place the first weekend that filing is open for the Firefighter exam and eligible candidates will be able to file for the exam on site. The last time filing was open for this competitive exam was 2012. The event is sponsored by LUNA, the popular nutrition bar for women. The United Women Firefighters represent the 57 women firefighters and women fire officers who work for the FDNY. The Vulcan Society is an organization of Black Firefighters open to active and retired members of EMS, Fire Inspectors and civilian personnel of the FDNY. Both organizations work to highlight the strength and benefits of diversity in the fire service and aim to provide all New Yorkers with the opportunity to have a rewarding career with the FDNY.
The "Are You Brave Enough?" race will be a 5k foot race that consists of seven exciting firefighter themed obstacles that are modeled after the firefighter physical exam, firefighter academy and what firefighters do in the field. It will give people a taste of what it feels like to be one of the city's bravest. The obstacles include: window hurdles, dragging bodies, carrying fire hoses up stairs, crawling through a tunnel that simulates a dark fire, wearing heavy firefighter gear and much more. There will be men and women's heats and prizes.
The festival will be completely free to the public. In addition to having a filing site for the current firefighter exam, there will also be free CPR classes, fire safety demonstrations, and a free obstacle course for kids. The public can also try out firefighting bunker gear, take pictures on a real FDNY fire engine and operate a live hose line. There will be mini workouts taught by UWF trainer Anwar Hafeez throughout the day and Vulcan Society guest trainer Yada Beener along with many giveaways and prizes.
Filing for the current FDNY firefighter exam will be available on site and firefighter test takers get $25 tickets. Race registrants will receive a $10 discount by registering online. The Firefighter exam is open for people between the ages of 17.5-28 years old with age exemptions for military vets. The filing period is open for a limited time and the exam is given only once every four years so age eligible candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
Women firefighters and officers only make up 0.5% of the FDNY, which is shockingly a historic high. While the number has grown from past years, this is the lowest percentage of women firefighters out of all the major cities in the United States. Sarinya Srisakul, President of the UWF says "We have a real opportunity to make great strides in changing the landscape for women firefighters in the FDNY. This job will change your life. I hope all young women take advantage of this opportunity and come out to 'Are You Brave Enough?' and file for the Firefighter exam!"
The Vulcan Society had successfully won a racial justice suit in recent years and as a result, has seen their numbers double to over 700 black firefighters and officers, or about 7% of the force. Unfortunately that is far from reflecting
what the black population of New York City is, which is 23%. 
Regina Wilson, president of the Vulcan Society says "the Vulcan Society will help guide and train applicants in every aspect of hiring. We strongly advocate and believe in diversity and inclusion of people of color and women in the FDNY. We would love to increase the numbers of women and people of color to our ranks."
Both organizations hope that through partnering with LUNA and other groups that value diversity, that the pool of future FDNY test takers can be as diverse as New York City itself. Diversity is what gives our great city its strength and the FDNY has an important opportunity to dramatically change its practices through this upcoming recruitment campaign.