Saturday, March 11, 2017


 Food Trends - Part One

We live in a snack convenience nation-with 50% of food consumption comprised of smaller bite sized meals...that are healthier too-including munchies-made from plant based proteins for everyday-not just on "meatless Mondays."
Yves Veggie Cuisine Falafel Balls-2-3 bites crispy bites-with chewy interior texture made from protein laden chickpeas- with Middle Eastern leaning herbs, spices-an bits of carrots/onions-tasty enough to eat without any extras-...or serve 'traditional' way-in pita bread-with shredded greens and tahini sauce. # piece serving has 5grams of Protein/150 calories-satisfying and filling...
Perfectly suited to check-off all the above requirement boxes-addictive Yves Veggie Cuisine snack (or appetizer) size Falafel Balls and Kale & Quinoa Bites...healthy vegan treats -easy to heat-up-by popping a few in a toaster oven...delivering hit the spot crunchy satisfaction without artificial additives.

crunchy and satisfying-vitamin packed, convenient snacks...adults and kids love---
in resealable plastic containers-can be kept in refrigerator or what we do stash in freezer and take a few out per day- to -thaw out in refrigerator till heated up.

Kale & Quinoa Bites-even non-vegetable finicky pint-sized eaters-love this-reminds us of potato tots but way better for you-with superfoods kale and quinoa in the mix with potatoes, chickpeas, carrots/onions. A four per package- 4 piece serving-just 90 calories...with Vitamins A/C and 3 grams protein. Delicious.