Thursday, March 16, 2017


IBS-IECSC Conferences-NYC

Selfie alert-salons and spas are getting etched out-for your selfie best.

At the most recent International Beauty Shows...and International Esthetics's, Cosmetics & Spa...we saw more technology on display along side popular items-hair+ eyelash extensions, organic -(natural leaning), cosmetics+treatments, effusive hair coloring options, and micro-needling -hand rolling devices.

DYSON SUPERSONIC™ Hair dryers--a price-y option sold over 500 of these slick beauties at this show...which included a "professional' smoothing nozzle attachment, concentrator attachment and a diffuser. Beautifully packaged as one would expect of this high end hand held-we asked how this sleek machine was conjured up by James Dyson -who is well know for his tricked out vacuums..."HIS WIFE'" apparently admonished him for not re-inventing a staple of people with hair, used everywhere practically n planet earth.
After 4 years (investing $71 million-600 prototypes)  of tinkering in the garage-so to speak---and cornering the London market on available human hair-all types/ethnicities-to test on (1010 miles, tested) -yielded this winner. Yes it really is better than any hair dryer we have ever used. It works because there is more air concentrated out (air velocity via "Dyson digital motor V9) and more of it (Air Multiplier™)-hard to  just feel it except if hands wonder down to the end of the handle where the motor is located-hence where the air is sucked in from the bottom -like-well, a vacuum cleaner.
Lightweight-and more quiet...the 3 speed air flow hair dryer which kinda requires one to hold it upright (some stylists use a hair dryer upside down -though on oneself hold it correctly)...has 21st century touch 'buttons' that controls on/off, cold shot...and LED lights indicate the heat (4 settings) /constant cold air temp levels-internally measured  20x/second (!!!)  that max out at a non-burn level (212º) for all types of hair-controlled by a microprocessor-located in the barrel shape part. The attachments easily attach/detach by magnetic constructs. Stats-1600 watts, weight 1,8lb, 9 ft cable cord, and Negative Ionizers to reduce static. A splurge-retail price is $399-the consumer version.
REVIEW: As drip dry types-we rarely blow dry our hair-one reason is TIME. The Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer is a major improvement over our hand held hair dryer-that granted, is a few years old. It took maybe all of 5 minutes to 80% dry our long tresses-nothing special  done prior-except towel drying-what we usually do. It usually takes at least ten minutes to get our hair drip free but still slightly damp! Half the time. YAY. Bonus-we felt out fine hair (mixed straight/wavy naturally)- smoother too-we barely used any calm down product afterwards. An investment-but def worth it-of course we asked about future models-maybe the handle design will change better for those who hold the hair dryer differently. From what we could tell...righties or lefties can easily maneuver this well balanced hair dryer. 
Micro-Current -devices were popular-even more so than last year's red/light LED devices-targeting anti-aging skincare pros -enthusiasts. Several sizes of platinum coated metal rollers were shown at ReFa's exhibit-a brand that has gotten press buzz-microcurrent power needs are attained via solar panels built into the handles. Benefits- purportedly to encourage lifting-tone the skin, increase absorption of serums or face masks, and as we felt-the rollers offer a pleasing massaging on areas though we didn't feel any electric current at all...and imo-probably need to regularly use a micro current device to see any benefits. Not inexpensive-the above device retails for $300.