Saturday, March 18, 2017

Active Beauty -Tech: VISIA Complexion Analysis

Part 2

At the recent IBS-IESCS tradeshow-the Visia Imaging System-revealed its 7th version of  its awesome Complexion Analysis system-that captures/interprets 3D images of skin's top and lower layers (pictured below-the facial 'camera')...conjuring up true selfies of what lies beneath with regard to various measurable skin conditions  (like UV damage, textures, pores/poryphrins, fine lines/wrinkles, spider veins, red/brown spots),.
Selfie Alert: Why stop at the surface...
Similar to earlier versions that we've tried...three images-three angles (left-center-right) are photographed -skin cleansed, eyes closed-chin placed on the cup shape holder-while the Visia camera part-rotates around-taking the pictures. The instant images-are then analyzed in a software database that records/measures in three modes-dubbed Intelliflash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting.

What one sees-is unique and color differentiated...of the (your) measured skin type/conditions-including sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne and rosacea (VAESTRO™ Image Analysis). Since seeing is believing-skin subsurface conditions- not visible to the eye-get revealed too. Impressive (or scary).

And competitive types-will love how ones/age/ethnicity/skin color-get analyzed vs a database of like minded faces-scoring up one's "TrueSkin Age®."

Handy-stimulated aging and hypothetical results  of targeted recommendations of treatments (from facial fillers-plastic surgery tweaks)-can be seen too-via stimulated visions of perfection. a visually necessary way to track facial treatments and outcomes over time-especially the price-y kind!. The new Visia Complexion Analysis even offers eyelash analysis -to evaluate and measure eyelash treatment. (Note-we did't get to try this at the show- as our eyelashes had some mascara on them).