Friday, March 31, 2017



Back in the day-sitdown meals ruled-but since middle school days-it seems real deal snacks,  on the go...are waaay better suited to lifestyles now.

NOTE: AND it's not just cereal anymore, our former,  easy to pour dinner entree---
BIG DEAL:  NYC Public Schools get points for dumping sugar loaded Kellogs' offerings- giving the over quarter of million breakfast eating-kids our fav USDA Organic-and traceable Back To the Roots ready to eat cereals instead -(pursuant to a student taste test TOO-yay).

New eats-for food grab and goers...not just for kids...
quick make P+Bs (or any f the new nut butters)...slather on Rudy's organic breads-in child friendly flavors...squishy in a good way -Soft White and Soft Wheat have textures like the 'other' brands without the junk AND with 24g of whole grains/serving, vegan+dairy free $4.29.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

COFFEE BUZZ -Wolverine, Juara, Cold Brews

Wolverine 1000 Mile Cafe Collection

Java LOVE like Springtime-is everywhere -inspiring a primo Footwear,  a fav Beauty Scrub, Cold Brew Drinks

The limited edition Wolverine 1000 Mile Café Collection-takes inspiration from Michigan based, Madcap Coffee Co., for five new men's styles...available now.

Meticulously handcrafted in the Big Rapids, Michigan factory. the Café Mocha, Café Miel, Cappuccino, Cortado, and Espresso-priced from $360-$400 boast time honored details like- durable (re-soleable) Goodyear Welt construction,  matching tongue / heel combinations that contrasts from the rest of the boot,  ‘LTD’ monograms on the tongue, Horween leather uppers and/or trims, and either a leather or rugged Vibram rubber outsoles.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

ACTIVE BEAUTY-Help for Tortured Tresses

Hair Masques At Home Treatments

toss-able hair...needs good hair product help to achieve

The old and the new hair masques and bond healers (Olaplex/Brazilian Bond Builder/Aloxxi -3 of our favs)-all heal and repair hair a single at home treatment options.

Easy enough to use- all are best applied on dry locks, that gets tucked into plastic cap-let 'stew' at least 30 minutes...

Multi-taskers -good for all hair types-and specific treatments- coincidentally-our favs-are by cult favs  French based LEONOR GREYL and JF Lazatigue...both brand that leave out the ingredients luscious locks need to avoid (SLS, paraben, silicone, coal tar, sodium chloride FREE).

Masque Quintessence
-indulgent blends of healing Cupuacu and Manketti nut oils heal and moisturize so much-that after the first treatment-hair is noticeably more touchable/softer... AND even hands will thank-you after applying. Bonus Points: Packaging that befits a luxury product...worthy of dressing table placement-with gold metallic jar elegantly set inside premium cardboard box with metallic fold trim.
J.F. Lazartigue's Masque-Shea Butter- is a go to thick hair revitalizer for those famous ladies that can afford any hair savior. Loaded with African shea butter's nutrient dense,  rich help that protects tresses -revitalizing fried/dried for whatever reason..At $54-thickest luscious value hair masque we use. Smells divine too.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Part 4

There's a variable vertical limit for concert goers---
ha ha especially after "...having a bottle of vodka..."

Some options for comfy seating -camp furniture - beyond the blanket on a hard ground-are lightweight, portable and aimed at festival flocks who plan on spending time int he great outdoors.

Possibly our fav company for outdoor lifestyle...SNOW PEAK's Asian aesthetic of simplified beauty...includes this multi-tasking lounger-surprisingly lightweight.

Kelty -re-invigorating what we call the casual camper-outdoorsy -portable coolers, tents, haulers can be transported easy enough-in the Festival Essentials including the above folding cooler + Built to Wander Collections.

Thursday, March 23, 2017



top pick-raw edge fedora-woven faux leather band
Bump up the're a grown-up so why not lose the caps of team spirit-and opt for more sophisticated style of summery fedoras, panama, cowboy and lifeguard wide brim hats-made of woven materials, linen, paper and cotton- with sleek trim details.
CHAOS HATS-has so many styles of toppers-impossible not to find at least three silhouettes that pack and wear easy-from crushable straw wovens with ribbon details like these unisex fedora shapes...
wide brim structured and floppy hats for women

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Outdoor Festivals-Footwear: Part 2


Ready for whatever twists outdoor music fun conjures up-comfortable footwear that withstands the OBOZ, ROCKPORT, CHACO, TREKSTA

finally-OBOZ---who makes our fav waterproof/supportive and cute(!) winter boots the MADISON Bdry-has a collection of flip-flops for Spring 2017...with the label's legendary BFit. deluxe footbed, spring EVA midsole and rugged outsole..applied to these easy to wear, webbed thongs. 
carbon rubber pods on outsole
OBOX Ocoee and Selway flip-flops for women-$55

Monday, March 20, 2017

Outdoor Festivals-What to Wear

Best Gadgets, Gear, Footwear, Clothes that can multi-task for  outdoor camping-to indoor city life.
KELTY-camping gear and backpacks from Boulder...reaches out to the millennial with everyday gear -that looks stylish -not the most tricked out tech gear-but in reality they're not going to scale Mt Everest-they're rocking' out to tunes at Coachella-maybe camping out in a tent or RV, making day trips under big blue skies. New slogan #BuiltToWander   gets that...

Part One-Beyond the tees/cut-offs/board shorts: KRIMSON KLOVER, MOUNTAIN KHAKIS, BERGANS, FJÄLLRÄVEN

Wearing fashionable apparel from outdoor brands has become, for selfie promoting types- Instagram opportunities for 'what to wear'- when attending outdoor events.

Patron Saint=Kate Moss at the Glastonbury festival (2005) and Hunter boots.
Krimson Klover-out of Boulder Co.-tops and frocks-in the prettiest prints in cotton/wool/viscoise/rayon/spandex blends- -that are soft,  travel well, AND look so stylish...attire that is patio party perfect-to sportier actives endeavors-one of our fav labels to wear, wherever, Pictured Skyline Open back tee
Krimson Klover  -Swoon print abstract floral

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Active Beauty -Tech: VISIA Complexion Analysis

Part 2

At the recent IBS-IESCS tradeshow-the Visia Imaging System-revealed its 7th version of  its awesome Complexion Analysis system-that captures/interprets 3D images of skin's top and lower layers (pictured below-the facial 'camera')...conjuring up true selfies of what lies beneath with regard to various measurable skin conditions  (like UV damage, textures, pores/poryphrins, fine lines/wrinkles, spider veins, red/brown spots),.
Selfie Alert: Why stop at the surface...
Similar to earlier versions that we've tried...three images-three angles (left-center-right) are photographed -skin cleansed, eyes closed-chin placed on the cup shape holder-while the Visia camera part-rotates around-taking the pictures. The instant images-are then analyzed in a software database that records/measures in three modes-dubbed Intelliflash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting.

What one sees-is unique and color differentiated...of the (your) measured skin type/conditions-including sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne and rosacea (VAESTRO™ Image Analysis). Since seeing is believing-skin subsurface conditions- not visible to the eye-get revealed too. Impressive (or scary).

And competitive types-will love how ones/age/ethnicity/skin color-get analyzed vs a database of like minded faces-scoring up one's "TrueSkin Age®."

Handy-stimulated aging and hypothetical results  of targeted recommendations of treatments (from facial fillers-plastic surgery tweaks)-can be seen too-via stimulated visions of perfection. a visually necessary way to track facial treatments and outcomes over time-especially the price-y kind!. The new Visia Complexion Analysis even offers eyelash analysis -to evaluate and measure eyelash treatment. (Note-we did't get to try this at the show- as our eyelashes had some mascara on them).


Thursday, March 16, 2017


IBS-IECSC Conferences-NYC

Selfie alert-salons and spas are getting etched out-for your selfie best.

At the most recent International Beauty Shows...and International Esthetics's, Cosmetics & Spa...we saw more technology on display along side popular items-hair+ eyelash extensions, organic -(natural leaning), cosmetics+treatments, effusive hair coloring options, and micro-needling -hand rolling devices.

DYSON SUPERSONIC™ Hair dryers--a price-y option sold over 500 of these slick beauties at this show...which included a "professional' smoothing nozzle attachment, concentrator attachment and a diffuser. Beautifully packaged as one would expect of this high end hand held-we asked how this sleek machine was conjured up by James Dyson -who is well know for his tricked out vacuums..."HIS WIFE'" apparently admonished him for not re-inventing a staple of people with hair, used everywhere practically n planet earth.
After 4 years (investing $71 million-600 prototypes)  of tinkering in the garage-so to speak---and cornering the London market on available human hair-all types/ethnicities-to test on (1010 miles, tested) -yielded this winner. Yes it really is better than any hair dryer we have ever used. It works because there is more air concentrated out (air velocity via "Dyson digital motor V9) and more of it (Air Multiplier™)-hard to  just feel it except if hands wonder down to the end of the handle where the motor is located-hence where the air is sucked in from the bottom -like-well, a vacuum cleaner.
Lightweight-and more quiet...the 3 speed air flow hair dryer which kinda requires one to hold it upright (some stylists use a hair dryer upside down -though on oneself hold it correctly)...has 21st century touch 'buttons' that controls on/off, cold shot...and LED lights indicate the heat (4 settings) /constant cold air temp levels-internally measured  20x/second (!!!)  that max out at a non-burn level (212º) for all types of hair-controlled by a microprocessor-located in the barrel shape part. The attachments easily attach/detach by magnetic constructs. Stats-1600 watts, weight 1,8lb, 9 ft cable cord, and Negative Ionizers to reduce static. A splurge-retail price is $399-the consumer version.
REVIEW: As drip dry types-we rarely blow dry our hair-one reason is TIME. The Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer is a major improvement over our hand held hair dryer-that granted, is a few years old. It took maybe all of 5 minutes to 80% dry our long tresses-nothing special  done prior-except towel drying-what we usually do. It usually takes at least ten minutes to get our hair drip free but still slightly damp! Half the time. YAY. Bonus-we felt out fine hair (mixed straight/wavy naturally)- smoother too-we barely used any calm down product afterwards. An investment-but def worth it-of course we asked about future models-maybe the handle design will change better for those who hold the hair dryer differently. From what we could tell...righties or lefties can easily maneuver this well balanced hair dryer. 
Micro-Current -devices were popular-even more so than last year's red/light LED devices-targeting anti-aging skincare pros -enthusiasts. Several sizes of platinum coated metal rollers were shown at ReFa's exhibit-a brand that has gotten press buzz-microcurrent power needs are attained via solar panels built into the handles. Benefits- purportedly to encourage lifting-tone the skin, increase absorption of serums or face masks, and as we felt-the rollers offer a pleasing massaging on areas though we didn't feel any electric current at all...and imo-probably need to regularly use a micro current device to see any benefits. Not inexpensive-the above device retails for $300. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Small Batch Distilleries and Hard Cider-made in NY-are expanding their distribution networks and earning good reviews from connoisseurs of alcohol.
From the NY Restaurant and Foodservice Tradeshow...

Brooklyn Gin-stately bottled small batch-hand cracked juniper berries + fresh citrus peels-+ 100% American corn. FYI-actually made in Warwick NY

Small Batch DRINKS: Upscale Sips

International Restaurant+Foodservice Tradeshow: Javits Center


Part 1

The non-partisan kind of de-regulation all political types can embrace (most likely)-NY State has happily erupted into a craft brew, distillery, home grown alcohol liquids' destination-thanks to change of laws a few years back.
FYI-neither he nor Trump drink "real life"

ADDITIONALLY-on display -high-end cocktail accompaniments and soda slayers-made with natural ingredients-including sweeter stevia.
All widely available too---

Non-Alcohol Drinks/Mixes

IMMUNE SCHEIN Ginger Elixirs-Hudson Valley small batch made- shots or cocktail mixer sizes-of healthy ginger sips (bumped up with Tumeric, Garlic-or exotic florals (Lavender) ...detox benefits popular in Western Europe
Toma artisanal bloody mary mix-tangy and tarty made with company's own chipotle tomatillo sauce, sriracha, and steak sauce-can drink this without liquor-for alcohol free wakeup call.

UBON's Bloody Mary Mix-another addition to brunch all day life-distinct southern twist-refs Memphis BBQ heritage...think Worcestershire sauce, tomato puree, sugar, vinegar, molasses, slat, garlic, onion spices+concentrated lemon juice...

Also in our most have list-had us at zero calories---ZEVIA's new Energy Drink is already a fav of pro athletes-and as our longer workouts are occasionally fuel with Red Bull-seriously opt for this natural non-GMO verified buzzy beverage. Ironman pay attention!!!!
Delicious. Just launchned-as Zevia already has a range of stevia sweetened natural sodas-sparkling waters... for sale. 
Vegan, kosher and gluten free too

Authentic Ginger Ale-is probably one of the most popular soda alternatives out there...these by Brooklyn based Bruce Cost (named after partner+ prolific restauranteur)-come in several versions to drink straight up or mixed up with fav booze.
Unfiltered Ginger Beer...

we wish we took more samples of Brooklyn Organics crafty ginger ale home.YUMMY -zero calories and USDA organic, gluten free, non-GMO. WIN WIN WIN WIN...sister company of the aforementioned Bruce Cost wonder it won the People's Choice Award at the show...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Food Trends: SNACKS/SWEETS/Part 3

Food and beverage trends seen at International Restaurant & Food Service Tradeshow:
 ...not surprisingly-are what's consumer popular right now-more natural ingredients- including sweetners like stevia+honey, foods locally sourced, small crafted production batches, allergy aware eats-(gluten free), and gourmet cocktails,

Wicked Twisted Soft Pretzels-ahhh-too bad our local sports' stadiums don't serve this version of the classic chewy Bavarian style soft pretzel (bought frozen-then heated) Made without crap ingredients of the usual fare (corn syrup-yikes!). Also have a line of mustards and hard pretzels.

Ohio based, Jagger Cone crispy ice cream cones-and waffle bowls-and nachos-nut free, baked, 0 trans fat, made with sea salt-the flat crispy waffle nachos can be used as a dipping chip. Yummy. Be warned when buying in bulk-very addictive.

TIP: NATIONAL ICE CREAM CONE DAY is July 16th, 2017-the 3rd Sunday of July

The Really Great Food-gluten  (and allergen e.g., dairy, soy, nut, GMO) FREE mix products-including Tempura Batter mix and Irish Soda Bread. Retail priced around $5.99-$6.99/mix
DAVID's COOKIES...had a big booth we spent plenty of time at...DUH!!!! Rainbow Cake -vanilla cake-with a splashy look-decked out in saturated trendy colors.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Highlights From International Restaurant & Food Service Tradeshow:

Geared toward professional providers of foods/drinks-anywhere from restaurants to summer camps...this recent NYC gathering of culinary provision provider- reflected the growing sophisticated tastes of a globally connected world...who may be staying home more -yet when venturing forth...expect a higher quality of eating offerings-that are healthier-and or/more indulgent.

No surprise-quite a few vendors also seen at the Fancy Food Show-and overlapping of food trends, namely gluten free eats, natural (vs artificial) ingredients, a booming NY State distillery-craft-brew scene and new comer, raw cookie dough,


In addition to many pizza ovens to deliver gourmet outdoor grill worthy- wood fire style -crisp thin crusts, indoors...other most wanted industrial gadgets...

SPACEMAN soft serve ice-cream -and frozen beverage-milkshake-smoothies machines. Pictured swirl soft serve -to use with mixes for creamy yogurt, dairy free ice cream etc-wanted for our home-but commercial size-from about $6000-$11,000
Mami's dairy free Cocounut Cream Gelato-mixes being pitched at  the show
Our most wanted-glamourous espresso machines from Italian FAEMA-traditional, automatic, and semi-professional machines. Pictured EMBLEMA model stunning
fun-Spirit Ice Vice-aluminum mold-ball shaped ice cube-can be personalized.


 Food Trends - Part One

We live in a snack convenience nation-with 50% of food consumption comprised of smaller bite sized meals...that are healthier too-including munchies-made from plant based proteins for everyday-not just on "meatless Mondays."
Yves Veggie Cuisine Falafel Balls-2-3 bites crispy bites-with chewy interior texture made from protein laden chickpeas- with Middle Eastern leaning herbs, spices-an bits of carrots/onions-tasty enough to eat without any extras-...or serve 'traditional' way-in pita bread-with shredded greens and tahini sauce. # piece serving has 5grams of Protein/150 calories-satisfying and filling...
Perfectly suited to check-off all the above requirement boxes-addictive Yves Veggie Cuisine snack (or appetizer) size Falafel Balls and Kale & Quinoa Bites...healthy vegan treats -easy to heat-up-by popping a few in a toaster oven...delivering hit the spot crunchy satisfaction without artificial additives.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Adidas Outdoors, Sperry Seven Seas, Ex Officio, Birkenstock, Summit by White Mountain, Aerosoles 


Women's Agravic Shirt by Adidas Outdoors-breathable, cooling moisture wicking fabric, zipped chest pocket for quick subway card grabs-some of the functional pluses -but it's the sleek design-in basic B/W with zipper pop in grey, cute cap sleeves and the mock turtleneck collar...has us wanting this to wear all summer long with casual capris/denim as well as workout bottoms.

ADIDAS Terrex Agravic men's and women's-trail running shoe featuring boost™ energy returning , shock absorbing cushioning, lightweight textile overlays and mesh uppers-abrasion wielding and supportive, Continental rubber outsole for superior grip , fast speed lacing construction and back tab for ez on/off and secure fit-AND bungee stows so laces don't untangle. IMO-trail running shoes ideal travel kicks-incredibly comfy all day long on the concrete urban sidewalks, and double as light hiking shoes. That modern Adidas style-is footwear apparent-no wonder this brand is selling well.
There are brands that  exist for the fashionable white shirt-as this top color-always seems good choice for most occasions. For Spring-the several white l/s selections  by Ex Officio-emerge from packed backpacks/suitcases crease free. There are even styles made from the brand's BugsAway collection-featuring built in sunblock, Silvadur™ anti-odor, and bug repelling InsectShield™-lasts through 70 washings.
Birkenstock closed toe shoes-have their acclaimed multi-layer removable cork-latex based footbed built 'inside.' Old school leather upper kicks have emerged from 80s PE classes to today's  21st century streets. Pictured women's Manitoba $180

Sperry 7 Seas...loses the weight for a tech stylish boat shoe (pictured in B/W)...with "beastly traction,"-non-marking rubber outsole with Razor Cut Wave Siping™ , breathable -hydroponic mesh OmniVent upper (HydroPel technology) with leather overlay, energy returning footbed -and a perfect ft with 360º lacing. $89.95

Summit  perforated BRIANE oxford style shoes-with side chopouts- are our perfect Spring lace-up-decorative details, ridged outsoles, boyish tailoring with feminine style-wear with dresses-to cut-offs. $159

AEROSOLES has taken a major fashion comfort bump-up this Spring-with these chic HEY GIRL flats $79 in stripes-textured leather upper and signature memory foam cushioning footbed and flex bottom sole--with slim tapered toe. NICE.

Monday, March 6, 2017


Part One


The 'it' color story of summery attire -from sports performance kicks to luxury comfort sandals-is the absence thereof, really. Bold black and bright white tones-by themselves in as a fitting duo, nab the highest honors for footwear that functions - and pairs well with any attire-any occasion.
Five Ten Approach shoes-double as sport worthy light hiking+casual kicks--- with that Adidas owned style cred going on too---versatile-and functional- that can grip boulders-indoors and out - cue the brand's proprietary Stealth well as hug the wet sidewalks of a rainy city street, Fit note-for rock climbing-should be snug-for walking around-we ditch the socks for a looser fit. Pictured Urban Approach $80-perforated leather/canvas upper-sybthetic leather footbed-breathabe all day comfort
non-marking compound-dotty tread outsole w/ toe climbing zone

up top-CHAOS sun shielding visors-in solid white, black

TEVA-Arrowood Swift Lace--comfort their lightweight sandals in breathable mesh+ water -ready  Ariaprene™ upper- sporty kick-Float-Lite ™outsole-super durable and featherweight
easy on/off

Sanuk-fwashed black Dree Me Cruiser $45 canvas slide -with black/white unique print fabric on signature yoga mat comfort footbed

Native Shoes- mini me's and adult styles-including slip-ons-all hand washable, shock absorbent, durable and ridiculously lightweight