Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BERENIK NYFW A/W 2017 Men's/Women's

Veronica Brusa's Berenik's streetwear-sporty-contemporary unisex separates attired REAL DEAL performers at a a packed presentation.

We couldn't really see the total presentation that featured 50(!!!) individuals in various pieces made of assorted fabrics (cotton, velvets, blends)- that underscored the wearability of the loose silhouettes ...but we DEFINITELY appreciated the effort...and applaud the showing of men's/women's in cohort together...great effort.

Kudos-makeup by Nu Evolution-white foundation masks...and Prive by Laurent D did the hair, music by Swiss based electronic performer BIT-TUNER

GOOD IDEA:-free posters featuring modern abstract print graphics-and a 70% off-racks of Berenik's  clothing from previous collections- a kinda  'see now-buy now' approach.

luisa adams pics