Monday, February 27, 2017



Spring Training Ramps Up Skin Care Help Part One



Living life without a team of makeup experts getting you gorgeous for the next event?  Of course! 

Fortunately at home-do it yourself effective skincare/treatments -are easier than ever- with some cutting edge prescription-not needed products hitting the market now.


Our most visual proof of who wears must wear at triathlon races where the whole set-up for gear/bike is by age/gender...and the distinct differences in skin texture/tone amongst gals who are the same age-is scary stark obvious. 

Even the sunscreen addicts though can benefit from skincare tune-ups via easy to handle ablative procedures (like Fraxel)...or what we recently tried, a Micro-Needle/Laser (RF WAVE) treatment-that in theory are both 'lunchtime treatments'-that require not much downtime -but can also be aggressively performed-thereby requiring  a day or two of 'timeout' for the temporary redness/swelling/flaking to wear off...before venturing forth into the world. 

For post laser/procedure treatments-pretty much not much besides Aquaphor  was applied on top layer of treated facial skin-until recently via a smart concept-by ALASTIN SKINCARE''s Product Enhancement System-products aimed at the critical post procedure healing process.

We tried the Regenerating Nectar (one product in the collection $195) that is super emollient (texture of clear thin petroleum jelly but it sinks into the skin), non-irritating -and aimed at healing skin on the mend ...for two days post treatment - when our facial skin, normally normal skin- kinda crusted over-before revealing new smooth dermis layer. IMO-soothed and sped up healing process. 

Additionally, super dry skin sufferers-or those (like us) who spend hours in a swimming pool-can benefit from a light application of this product- that contains the company's proprietary TriHex Technology a patent pending formula that is " ...proprietary blend of peptides and other key ingredients that enhance the health of the skin by helping to clear the damaged, aged proteins in the skin's ECM," and also has in the mix-Naringenin with Pathenyl Triacetate (reduces skin redness and water loss), natural anti-inflammatory Arnica Montana Extract and Phytoene and Phytofluene (which like the health benefits of tomatoes-provide healthy nutrients and cellular oxidation support for the skin).

Bonus Points: Paraben free-and cruelty free.