Sunday, October 30, 2016

SNACK TREATS-Chips+Bars Organic/Lower Sugar ...Keep The FUN TASTE

 Garden of Eatin'-Corn Tortilla Chips,  Clif Bars- Luna Bars

Snack eating are a way of life-replacing at least one meal a day for most folks we know-and that's why organic -and/or nutritional options are gaining favor with those on the go. Our favs for Fall-sure didn't last much long- past the point when this picture was snapped-devoured ALL during a mountainous multi-hour hike-and there were only 5 of us.
AUTUMNAL FAVS-Garden of Eatin' redefines how big flavorful a tortilla chip can be-not just a bland base for accoutrements-but stand other own salty crunchy bites -staples in snacking households.

IMO-who needs salsa (or guac) when these new flavors-the terrific authentic butternut squash (130 calories/1 ounce)available on AMAZON)-sweet spicy bites-hints of sgae+onion- ...AND seasonal organic (:-)) Pumpkin (gluten free too-available on AMAZON)with hints of sea salt, real pepita seeds and nutmeg-a tad sweet from evaporated cane syrup...-are crispy treats worthy of straight outta the bag-eating. Almost qualify as dessert in a way too-we could  see pairing these crunchy triangle shaped chips-a top a scoop (or 3) of vanilla ice cream-with some chocolate well as worthy of chunky tomato-cilantro dips, Made with non-GMO USDA organic yellow corn and all natural ingredients...PLUS no preservatives, no trans fats,no  hydrogenated oils, and made with synthetic or harmful pesticides.
Energy bars are meal subs for us...and after long endurance races-our choice for immediate fuel -delivering proteins/carbs and replacing depleted  nutrients like iron, Vit E, magnesium, phosphorus... vs the sketchy -inappropriate 'official' post race food served up past the finish line. New from CLIF bars...protein blessed Nut Butter filled-esp the pictured yummy Chocolate Hazelnut Butter-with unsweetened chocolate and Coconut Almond Butter-with organic coconut  (both 230 calories apiece)....just in time for trick or treating' with an emphasis on the later. Both are just filling enough-...with creamy interiors-organic peanut butter and organic almond butter respectively--fused with the the cookie like(rolled oats )and chewy (organic date paste) textures...that do NOT need a gallon of fluids as a chaser...USDA Organic-non-GMO-and grams of plant based protein-low glycemic (aka no buzzy rush-then burn).
LUNA bars...a Clif Bar family member-originally was ladies leaning product line  -but we see these typically lower calorie options-smaller in size than Clif bars- good for everyone! The Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chunk has 8 grams of nutritious protein (organic peanuts,organic peanut butter) non-GMO, gluten free and only 5 grams of sugar...yet does not skimp on the chocolate (organic unsweetened chocolate), and reminded us of those chewy rice crispy marshmallow treats in texture and looks-..FUN.  Subtle hints of sea salt and chicory adds to well rounded rolled oats provides the crunch,