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Natural Beauty-Skincare Effective+Affordable

 Part 2


"Clean ingredients' are certainly a skincare concern-just as pronounceable food labels are a must -for growing numbers consumers of ALL AGES.
Solution-check out the under the radar brands-launched by small regional beauty entrepreneurs-that are noticeably without the toxic ingredients of many big name beauty brands-def have more of the natural (often pricier) 'stuff' higher up on the ingredient list-yet have reasonable retail prices- challenging some of the mass marketed prestige brands that are more widely available.
Good Karma Skincare -has a travel pack -aka convenient sizes of three products in their Facial Systems To Go -$35-part of the Lux7 Age Defying Products' collection. Pictured-The Four-In-One Face Cream (for normal/dry skin), Purifying Facial Cleanser, and Balancing Spray Toner. BONUS POINTS: With a serious list of "stuff we don't use"including collagen that is human or animal sourced, parabens, SLS, sulfates, silicone, talc...etc...and any unsubstantiated ingredients even if they are the latest buzz..but are without any safety track record. Ingredient efficacy as a Good Karma Skincare's SOP-very cool as is the company mission to use components from sustainable sources-not necessarily certified organic-but made without (or certainly less) chemicals-a very hands on approach-one of the reasons to seek out under the radar brands. The facial cleanser- very creamy with seeds and fruit oils-easily removes water tough makeup... and toner- which we used as a mist -sprayed on-recommend for normal-dry skin-with its ultra-hydrating oils in the formula....imo great to use on an airplane to revive oneself before don't pack it.

VERY rich and creamy- the Four In One Cream Normal/Dry is highly moisturizing -we'd say for dry skin only with water, glycerin and shea butter the first 3 ingredients. Handy to use-it's a  serum/eye +face cream in one. We gave our sample to an older gal pal with aging skin concerns-i.e. fine lines/wrinkles and super  dry skin-  to test out and she loved how it sunk right in and gave her a facial glow that lasted all day. What's else-it's contain rich seed and fruit oils, plant extracts-and has anti-oxidants (CoQ10) soothing aloe vera (KarmAloe™), Blue Algae and date seed extracts-to tighten skin-reduce pore size, reduce environmental damage-and to pump up skin for a more youthful appearance-proven hydrator sodium hyaluronate.
Note-Packed in an "airless jar"-Good Karma Skincare does claim this kind of packaging preserves ingredient integrity... though opening the jar does expose it to oxygen and make sure your fingers are clean-lessen introducing bacteria into the formula.


Devera Natural...kinda simple packaging but who needs fussiness for this fabulous Rosewater Cleansing Toner-loved this product as a refreshing way to clean off the day's residue...without stripping our skin-leaving it just perfect for makeup application for a night out. FYI-packaged in recyclable packaging-ingredients never used include parabens, petroleum, petroleum derivatives,  pesticides, phthalates, or synthetic dyes, colors or fragrance.

ingredient list-water, rose flower water (gently naturally astringent) and gentle cleaner witch hazel extract and hydrator oat extract are first bunch of ingredients...also contains soother aloe leaf juice. $34

we've written about iXXi skincare from France before---which sources unique OCO PIN-a powerful anti-aging oxidant (bioavailable polyphenols) from pine bark  as the basis of its remarkable practically ALL natural skincare products. Waterproof mascara and serious no-budge lip stains=demand creamy formulas to adequately remove-and the no-rinse Velvety Cleansing Milk-part of the Essentxiel line for everyday and all skin types-gently gets the job done with ease-great for super sensitive skin too-we did not detect a scent at all...and absolutely no irritation. With pine extract and shea butter...97% natural a handy pump bottle.