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BBL Broadband Light Phototherapy (Review)

Whether facing the world -barefaced (aka #IWokeUpLikeThis), slightly hidden under tinted lightweight lotions - or full-on hiding under thick concealer - one's skin's texture and tone -from the neck-up-is never really masked. And as the saying goes-want to know a person's age-check out the back of his/her hands. SO TRUE.

Which is why-post summer-non-invasive complexion improving treatments for those most visible parts-are growing in popularity.

Fortunately-the best solutions don't  require the most time commitment or $ either.

One relatively quick fix- we tried- and saw visible results fairly quickly-came courtesy of a BBL Broadband Light 'lunchtime' laser-a phototherapy treatment a non-invasive procedure available nationwide too---administered by Dr. Mark Schwartz in his UES spacious office.

 BBL Broadband Light therapy treatment-that targets the upper layers of the dermis-for complexion 911- has a bunch of MAJOR pluses--- it's speedy when administered by those in the know (done in under 30 minutes)-requires no downtime (i.e. hiding from the world while healing), and is practically painless. ... a laser emitted from a particular multi-tasking SCITON-Joule Laser device with changeable tips for precise/efficient application.

Why we tried it:

Our facial skin always spends a lot of time outdoors-and preventive care was as worthy a reason (BBL also targets hyper pigmentation just under the top layer- the there but yet to emerge spots)- as dealing with that small -faint red vessels patch that thoroughly annoyed us. AND it was the couple of brown pigment dots on the backs of our hands...that really HAD TO GO.

Another bonus-no pre-treatment regimen is required like laying off the retinoid products-(tan free is a must fyi). We just showed, had about a 10-15 minute numbing cream, layered on/wiped off-and our treatment commenced.

After lying down on the comfy reclining chair- donning the eyeball protecting goggles...and getting a cooling conductive gel applied to treatment areas accordingly ...the pulsed laser treatment gets going. There's no patient input required- really-as Dr. Schwartz himself adjusted our treatment for our particular needs-based on his extensive experience on how different skin types and tones, react.

Before and after pictures-from SCITON website
A big benefit of having a doctor do the treatments his/herself the customization of the intensity of the laser-after all, in the wrong hands-there is potential for burns.  PLUS-Dr. Schwartz M.D, F.A.C.S. has even successfully treated true medium tone skins -whereas other competing photo facial type lasers-are limited to the fair.

Before and after pictures-from SCITON website

As mentioned prior-we felt pretty much nothing during our session...and after a double pass of brown spots on the back of our hands ...and single/double pass on most of our face, less the immediate eye areas... it took about 25 minutes total.

After the gel was wiped off-and a moisturizing application of moisturizer (Dr. Schwartz has a hydrating -sink into skin in a second one-with workhorse skin soothers glycerin+water- good for all skin types)....we were good to go-no cooling gel packs needed.

Bottom Line Results:

VERY effective pretty much sums up our experience-our average two BBL pulse passes per area...had immediate positive reactions-with the brown spots on the back of our hands darkening-then scabbing off and healing-all within about a week. Our face had a slight we get after a workout...that went away within a few hours...while that red patch faded away too.

Maybe even better-we felt our skin tone-particularly on the back of our hands -is notably a bit tighter in texture-after about two weeks. Hmmm...seeing is believing proof  which is why Dr Schwartz's  BBL treatment series dubbed "Forever Young" (4 sessions-about 6-8 weeks apart)-are very popular with patients.

One can spend a fortune on creams and lotions-and at home devices...that may rid the facial skin of the tell tale signs of TIME-particularly tone/texture-fine lines and brown/red spots (hyper pigmentation)...with dedicated multi-month use...but imo-a one in done BBL laser session-is a better use of one's time and money.

Ideally-a yearly maintenance session will keep those less than lovely spots from ever appearing again...


Dr Mark Schwartz M.D. F.A.C.S.
BBL Broadband Laser-