Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Keep Personal Electronics Plugged In, Lit-Up-Shine-On, and Protected-At Home and On the Road

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Gadget-thing-y mobile device accessory masters NiteIze serves up a solution to those cracked screens and misplaced  cards and dollar bills-a CONNECT wallet that holds and ruggedly protects BOTH-with a CONNECT clip-can clip smartphone when wallet is removed-sized for iPhones+Samsungs. 

Never miss a step-recharegable headlamps-are a huge growing category-vital for the early morning/late afternoon hours  in limited daylight hours,..and a smart item for cars and travelers everywhere-no matter how they get there. From NiteIze- Swipe to Shine™ technology-activates the light...INOVA STS Powerswitch headlamp-dual power options (3 AAA batteries-or , a micro USB, rechargeable lithium-ion battery), dual (red or white)LED options-4 modes -compact+waterproof -and is also a multi-mounter-for accessories-like NiteIze bike-helmet mounts- or headlight strap !

GOALZERO lanterns-lights...big or mini bright lights anywhere-shine bright and charge up...on left-Lighthouse 400 Lantern&USB Power Hub-dimmable and turbo settings for adjustable light up to bright 400 lumens. Recharge form any USB port, a GoalZero Nimad Solar panel-or use the built-in hand crank to charge up instantly....the internal lithium battery boasts a 4,4000mAh with a 1.5A USB output-enough 'juice' for smartphones and tablets, and DUALITE™ directional lighting-collapsible legs for easy storage. $79.99

Lighthouse Micro-a CES Innovation Award winner $59.99

Light-A-Life Mini-USB chainable light-hangs out where you do-power up with usb  port including GoalZero rechargers $24.99

Seattle Sports-makes some of the best dry bags for watery jaunts-and now  nifty collapsible bottles-keep one hydrated, shining bright and plugged in. Pretty cool...Firewater Plus -has a waterproof USB (5 hours charge)and solar powered LED lantern lid (8 hours charge). Made from BPA free silicone, lights up 50-100 lumens- in 3 light modes-low, high, flashing. Available 3 colors.

also from Seattle Sports-Powerlid-bottel top charging station in a solid Nalgene water bottle

Seattle Sports...meshing of  two key products...

Seattle Sports SURVIVOLTS™Backcountry power bank =5000 mAh lithium-ion battery powered powerbank with incorporated on/off switch + LED light.... and MULT E Tools kit-ALL in a durable case...featuring 6(!!)  USB fobs designed to work w/ the aforementioned-seamlessly.though fobs works with any USB-for firestarter, siren, flashlight, strobe light, or laser-the 6th fob is on/on switch....patent pending-a great gift for those going their own way.