Friday, October 28, 2016

HI-LOW TEC-Power Up TailGate-Camping Necessaries Part 4


"Life's Batter Outside"-outdoor experiences- from remote locales or packed music festivals-are musts for 'capturing' for visuals viewed later...or streamed live.

NO WORRIES...never miss sharing a moment as there's an entire gadget industry devoted to keeping those personal electronics-all fired up-incase you cannot harness the sparks generated by your own physical movements!!!


Firing up-camp-tailgaters using propane gas  for culinary cooking-need reliable and safe ...pictured-Chef Cory Morris(@ChefCoryMorris)  and his mouth watering yummy Latin influenced-and just plain out indulgent=food creations...(and fyi-a winner of CHOPPED). His heat gets going via BernzOmatic 16.oz Propane Camping Gas Cylinder (universal design fits most portable appliances, grills, lanterns-requiring propane)...and  BernzOmatic WT2301C Campsite torch-works with standard camping gas cylinder-w/ trigger start for ez on.
BernzOmatic WT2301C Campsite torch
BernzOmatic 16.oz Propane Camping Gas Cylinder on right

FIND YOUR FIRE---a must for outdoor grills by the campfire...torches+lighters by industry leader BernzOmatic-has loads of options...pictured-camo chic-Bernzomatic® Utility Torch for the great outdoors...a refillable butane micro torch and hot knife for cutting nylon rope-fishing line, lighting grills, and lighting and insta-campfire...featuring 3 interchangeable settings for fine tuning-precision flame...hit knife, hot blower or micro torch, trigger on/off for ez ignition, protective cap, and adjustable flame that can shine on for 12 minutes...via fuel in refillable reservoir.
OBSESSED-we remember when the COOLEST COOLER launched on KICKSTARTER to record breaking- wide acclaim/big $s! How cool is this cooler? Tunes heard via a Bluetooth speaker, a blender, USB charger, tie down bungee, bottle opener, cork screw, cutlery/plates-20V rechargeable battery, 55 quart capacity-sturdy reinforced hingees-for shelf space when open-and it keeps the ice solid for 4-5 days. WOW.

SECUR...Solar Media Player- $49.99-is very off the beaten path worthy...a solar powered amplifier+2000 mAh power bank, with...DC input+output, 2x3 stereo watt speakers  keeps MP3+ many smartphones-charged. PLUS highly water-resistant rain proof, shock + dust proof protective case too. USB and stereo connectors including-as is hanging carabiner. 

Another waterproof SECUR product...collapsible solar powered bottle lantern-doubles as a water bottle and container for 'stuff.' Waterproof-and powered up via the sun or usb power source. Collapsible makes it a good stash in the car/boat/backpack option.
our must-SECUR 6-in-1 car charger...12v charger, power bank, LED flashlight. map light, emergency light and seat belt cutter...
Serious power on the go-DIGIPOWER quipped-Selfie Power Grip- lightweight monopod w/ Bluetooth wireless remote - built in power bank (5200mAh)-made for GoPros-and other action cameras to picture the fabulous life...keeping up to 10 hours of thrills forever -if wanted. $29.99
TOUGH times-HA-well check out this ice block-shot server embedded with SWISS ARMY Victorinox watches  For outdoor adventures the I.N.O.X. watches can handle the extreme conditions of diving, via high tech spec techs and primo construction...that'll handle any summit one can even think of climbing! 
in case one ever drops a watch in boiling water...chances are-it's not going to keep on ticking...but the ultra light I.N.O.X Titanium, 43mm DOES-in a-sand blasted titanium  case, screw down crown, anti reflection sapphire crystal, genuine rubber strap  and Swiss made quart movement...good fro all kinds of weather extremes...CLEARLY

energy loving devices need serious solar help-EnerPlex  Commnadr Portable Solar Panels comes in a variety of sizes-with patented CIGS film tech that allows these sun absorbers to be rugged enough for adventures-and flexible/lightweight-to haul around. NICE.