Monday, October 17, 2016

Best Seasonal Snacks-Fall's Pumpkin+Spices

TERRA CHIPS: CRISPY+CHEWY Spice-Sweet - Limited Editions, Year Round Favs

AHHH...wholesome pumpkin, juicy fresh apples, aromatic seasonings of cinnamon+nutmeg =the autumnal flavors that seemingly appear across all food and beverage categories...REALLY make their tasty presence known in one of our fav satisfying snacks...TERRA CHIPs-  that this year-has truly upped the ante for what delicious savory-salty-sweet - crispy-chewy bites are

Made from real whole vegetables-always- sourcing sustainable ingredients-the company MO from the start-has been make the best chips EVER...and imho- practically re-invented the chips category. In a good way.

WHAT's NEW: Terra Chips -all non-GMO fyi- 20 exotic root vegetables combined with American heritage versions of sweet potatoes and pumpkin -like the new Beaurguard Sweet Potato (Louisiana), Fairytale Pumpkin (aka Musquee de Provence-rich mahogany color +shape).

Delivering now-the winning combo of Sweets & Apples- -crowd pleasing fusion of crispy Ipomdea Batatasi- a sweet potato-married with naturally sweet juicy Gala-Fuji apples for a unique crisp-chewy mouthful...with hints of spice cinnamon.

The limited edition of Pumpkin Spice Sweets---sweet potatoes with zesty spices...full flavor awesome-a pumpkin spice blend that's full favored and appropriate.

Ditch the icky corn syrup candies-and ho hum holiday desserts-for those family/friends gatherings -the Terra Chip snacks are so much better tasting and textural satisfyingly scrumptious. Treat without the tricks...though doubtful they'll be any leftovers.