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Athlete Essentials: Year Round Gear -Fall Ready

Part One:



Since the hot temps and daylight hours- around our universe-have peaked for while-but out lengthy training bouts have not-we are just now appreciating the essential gear we have- that's year round suitable.
PLUS: Season-less multi-taskers save $ and closet space.

about as neat as our transition spot gets-pictured athlete essentials-Bollé sunglasses. ALL GOOD mineral sport sunscreen, Clif Gel Shot-Espresso with caffeine (duh), speed laces-Newtons running flats, and TYR Skinsuit...cause the swims are becoming less and less wetsuit legal :-(
Increasingly- like what we wear-(streetwear takes on 'athlesiure') multi-functional attributes of what we own gear-wise-adjust to changing weather conditions-are musts.

Our Picks:

Bollé is a company-that we always knew for its tech savvy ski goggles...but it is their cycle helmet-THE ONE- (Road-Premium)-that is hands down-the best fitting head protection gear we ever the point where we wonder if everything we ever wore prior-would have actually protected our brain cells adequately enough. We can't say enough good things about the "Click-To-Fit" perfect fit... beyond the adjustable chin strap-easy to maneuver-even on the bike.
What Else We loved...

When cooler temps finally arrived...we easily snapped on the top aero cover piece- durable composite material that covers top 31(!!!!) vents...
removable aero cover-securely snaps in to keep top of head breeze free...

all air vents exposed...allow for cooling flow around the head....without compromise of velocity speed...or protection

BE SEEN-LED LIGHT is sizably BE SEEN way...easy to attach...inside the helmet-hole on left-pop through pen...removes the plate- seen below

Light plate on the back of the helmet pops out-seen below...the very visible LED light -controlled by tap on/off -securely snaps right in

Colder temps-no problem-a cozy moisture wicking winter LINER- soft to the skin blend -slips inside the helmet-there's also a removable summer liner-velcroed in...all no bulk and chafe free seams...also pictured-the Mountain Bike visor for times you're hitting the trails-also easily snaps in/out...and in the middle-the triangular LED lights...blinks and shines continuously solid - we didn't notice any weight-but racers opt for the capsule cause each gram counts.
nifty feature-sunglass garage

side view-can see the sunglass garage-holds sunglasses securely---very handy when finishing a ride as sunlight fades. Bollé road+ mountain bike (MTB)+messenger -THE ONE have this feature. Also QR code scan for rider info...a major safety features that anyone with a smartphone can access-in case of emergency
Nite Iz-SlapLit® slap it wrist bracelet-LED wrap-actually can replace battery though our's has yet to need it...blinks or shines solid

Nite Ize-another must for us... the adjustable mesh LED Run Vest-that we also wear biking-reflects the headlights -front and there's a zipped pocket-that is sized for keys, driver license, gel or bar- and even big enough for a smartphone. HANDY. Orange pop is good for going out- to and fro -during hunting season.
Brilliant Reflective Strips-Iron On (pictured $9.99/pack) and Stick On Reflective Safety Strips-can turn just about any piece of apparel, outdoor gear like backpacks- etc...more visible when hit by light..without adding weight. Handy-we tried this out on a jacket- ironed on-and so far- did survive our laundering a jacket-- stick on ones come in various sizes handy for water bottles and bike frames