Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Athlete Essentials: Performance Sunglasses For All Optical Conditions


Changing light conditions...a sun setting earlier and seasonal solar angle shifts-demand multi-tasking sunglasses that can 'handle' the high noon sunshine as well as the low light of weather challenged days.

For athletes-wide vision fields, no slip adjustable nosepads, anti-fog and impact resistant lenses that block out damaging rays, and of course, exceptional color clarity-are must attributes. Right up there with lightweight frames that fit faces.

Our Picks:

Bollé Sixth Sense Sunglasses-RoseBlue lens w/ B-Max extra large field view, B-Thin Active design RX, B-Clear lenses, optical precision, serious impact resistance, interchangeable lenses, anti-fog treatment, Hydrophobic/Oleophobic treatment, adjustable nosepiece/temples

Bollé rides with us- it's sunshades aimed at the cycling bunch has a "iord-cheating" aerodynamic profile -wraparound design that also helps prevent condensation, a wide field of vision  and clarity (B-Max Technology with b-Thin Active Design Design RX prescription program on 6th sense, 5th Elemtn and Vortex Shields)--- precise optical vision, Thermograph brow bar, temple tips adjustable nosepiece for no slip fit-and moisture absorbing hydrophilic material helps keep sweat out-frames secure---and lessens the sting potential of our dripping sunscreen getting into our eyes (hate that), and anti-fog treatment. Pictured above-the 5th Element Pro -good for medium matte carbon. red frames. The lenses are photochromatic-for full protection vs the elements. . 
Bollé has many sport specific competitor sunglasses-for golf, tennis, marine, ski/snowboard/mountain-aka outdoor experience and everyday sports lifestyle and ladies-juniors' specific frame sizes....with right combo of lens technology-including b-20.3 polycarbonate made from premium grade resin-20x more impact resistance or b-Clear for lightest optical clarity-all with 3-1 polarized, oleophobic/anti-fog (or 4 in one with the photo chromatic lenses).

IN THE WATER Dragon Alliance H2O Floatable Collection demo...

Dragon Alliance H2O Floatable Collection-Flotable shades are the popular styles made with special durable lightweight nylon material- frames that float-plus come standardized with Dragon’s top-level Performance Polar, custom water-resistant rubber logos on the outer temple, rubber nose pads and temple tips for performance fit, 8 base nylon lenses, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings and offer 100% UV protection.

VUARNET still makes its famous natural mineral lenses made IN-HOUSE in France-for guaranteed optical clarity and 100% protection vs UV rays...the limited Glacier 1957 glasses pictured refs the company's founding year.. We like the subtle newer logo style-above SKILYNX matt black frame-and fyi those side leather flaps critical to block out rays -protecting the gap between face-frame, and virtually scratch roof-lenses are also anti-fog...and it delivers with a leather leash clips-handy-as one won't lose these shades. The kind of bumper like frame around the lenses provides additional impact protection. Though we did not try these...we still have our Vuarnet cat-eye shaped sunglasses and glacier glasses from the 1980s...serious quality here.
Glacier model.combined acetate and steel frame-Limited Edition-Glacier back-Pure Grey Blue Flash-Matt Black/Blue, also a Pure Red Grey Flash-Matt Black Red and there's an eye- candy version too-a collab with fashion's Rag & Bone.

SMITH 's Performance sunglasses - the PivLock™ series-Arena $189 and Arena Max (bigger faces), V2Max, Asana and primo Echo Elite™ features  got to be the ultimate idiot proof way to change-up lenses/frames-with ergonomic shape, lightweight performance with 2 position adjustable nose piece, slide-on temple ends, and as one can see -choices in mirrored lens-high impact polycarbonate lenses. Smith's ChromaPop™ lens technology serves up hyper clarity and color-filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion...with tints work for varying conditions. 

frame choices...
What Else:
We wonder how permanent the anti-fog treatment is on our 7 year old Tilfosi sunglasses we used to ride with-until a serious fog condition during a race...led to its demotion.
Sven Can See is a clear gel spray too  -apply on inside and outside of lenses-.and wipe clear-for fog-condensation free glasses! Nifty-works on scuba goggles too--- and windshields. The formula keeps lenses clear all day.