Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hometown Eats/Drinks Part 2

Fancy Food Show/NYC

Certain foods, beverages and packaging-captured a sense of place-and made for some unique offerings-tasty treats or just catchy products...


These probably foresaw a disaster in the making??? A positive spin on the nominees for sure...Trumppuccino "The Right Combination of Bold, Common Sense, and Smart Ingredients...HILLARY HOT CHOCOLATE "An inclusive Recipe For A Better More Fulfilling Drink" ...forgot to add barrier breaking to that.

Sweet Shoppe USA...chocolate covered OREOS!

Maui Onion and Garlic Macadamias are not overly flavored---that can happen to some peanuts. These are  good balance of savory tastes,

MAUNA LOA went from being a tourist get for visitors to Hawaii-to a widely available brand that offers up the chewy nutty (and good for you too) Macadamia nuts in many many versions...
Hawaiian Host

Hawaiian Host chocolate or caramel covered macadamia nuts-are individually wrapped and big on the chewy gooey sweets with bits of crunch. From an 80 year old company that sells several macadamia nuts cover with milk, white or dark chocolate.

why do we include I.M Healthy. peanut butter alternatives...made form SOY NUTS in a post on products that are emblematic of a place??? Because no where else on planet earth have we ever seen/heard of so many under 35-ers so allergic to peanuts (and other stuff too like tree nuts). Just saying. BTW-I. M. Healthy options-particularly the chocolate- taste great-with the creamy regular version-kinda similar to peanut butter...and all have  the texture of that spreadable lunchbox staple too.

VerMints are USDA organic mints and pastilles that come in terrific authentic flavors including our fav GingerMint-and five other flavors. Gluten Free too. Widely available now...and addictive-the sweetness comes from organic Vermont maple syrup-and organic tapioca syrup-NOT corn syrup.

Texas is famous for a lot of things-including "BIG" but we had NO IDEA about the honey. Kelley's Texas Country Style Pure Honey (other kinds too) is syrupy smooth sweet-sourced from bees located all over the state. Available in a few sizes including the cute bear squeeze bottle, pictured below. 

Premium cheese options from Europe and Latin America are superb---of course...but in the last 20 years or so-the USA makers has elevated their offerings to gourmet status that command attention-and high prices.

And the names of these dairy wonders-reflect their owners passion for Rock and Reggae- distinguishing these from the literally over 1000s of delicious cheeses at the Fancy Food Show.

Beechers Handmade Cheese a Seattle enterprise with spots NOW in NYC and Wisconsin-channels Bob Marley with its No Woman -with added Jamaican Earth spices-for earth nutty -and spicy flavor great to melt on sandwiches, pair with almonds and dried fruit...along side a cold brew. 

Cypress Grove's line-up of award winning cheeses are just the best-with soft ripened, aged and fresh options. Actually-this is the first USA cheese maker we remember as setting the high bar for American cheese with their Humbolt Fog® soft cheese-tangy creamy experience of buttermilk and cream with edible vegetable ash-herbal overtones . Now-we'd say the names are more whimsical-perhaps-but the seriousness of flavors is second to none. We tired the Truffle Tremor-a creamy goat milk cheese with fragrant Italian black truffles-match made in heaven...with distinct mushroom/herbal hints. Bermuda Triangle-refs the shape-black ash indulgent goat cheese tangy-and peppery

A fondness for 1960's rock music? Of course. Fresh cheeses from Cypress Grove. Unusual-the lavender and wild fennel pollen for Purple Haze®...soft floral balanced by herb-ness. Nice