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HOMETOWN/COUNTRY EATS -Fancy Foods Show Part 5

Javits Center/NYC

Staple foods from other countries have increasingly been incorporated into American cuisine. Whether exotic grains, beans, spices, fruits, vegetables etc...typical international eats are gracing hometown plates everywhere.

Some highlights:

Salt Water Taffy is childhood staple just about...spots like Atlantic City and Salt Lake City---serve up their own sweet versions of this, chewy candy-while rum flavored treats from the Caribbean island of Tortuga conjures up sandy white beaches underneath clear blue skies...and of course, umbrella drinks.


Fannie May Chicago Collection:Part 4

The best visual display of hometown love belongs to the Fannie May Chicago Collection launched this past Spring-but we didn't eyeball the winning bunch of delectable sweets till the Fancy Food Show.

P  This magnificent collection of chocolates-that appropriately enough depicts the Magnificent Mile and other Chicago highlights-is some of the best packaging styled to honor any town, anywhere.

We hope those who conjured up this vintage inspired travel portraits of  the Windy City sites-got salary pops---for these one of a kind designs rendering iconic landmarks- beautifully- truly celebrates Fannie May's 95 year relationship with their hometown!

Whether rich dark chocolates in a beautiful skyline tin, the best selling creamy mint meltaways in shareable bars- featuring a box-with a B/W photograph of the acclaimed architecture of downtown Chicago ...or gift ready oversized mug-printed with all of the collectible images, stuffed with top Fannie Mae bites-wrapped up in a celebratory…

Hometown Eats-New York: Fancy Food Show

Part 3

Feeling in an Empire state of mind...there was plenty from the hosting state that caught or eyes-and tastebuds...


Some Highlights:

Hometown Eats/Drinks Part 2

Fancy Food Show/NYC

Certain foods, beverages and packaging-captured a sense of place-and made for some unique offerings-tasty treats or just catchy products...



Part 1

Fancy Food Show/NYC

Consumers are well traveled and informed ---and open to culinary adventures experienced or watched on some screen----feeding  into consumption of exotic gourmet foods, flavors and ingredients. Even with their own home eating habits.

While there was plenty of European products as expected-at the Fancy Food Show -there was also more maybe not so familiar items from far flung lands-that USA consumer palates are ready to explore.

Featured aisles of dedicated by country and USA state exhibitors...included African nation Tunisia.

Also from Africa-Mozambique grown cashews...from the Sunshine Nut Company-founded by former Hershey executive Don Larson- who took to heart-the business model of people, planet, profits-by giving up the cushy USA life-and relocating to begin the multi-year process of training/ employing and paying fair wages to orphan adults from local communities--to grow/roast cashews-as well as buying-renovating facil…


Fancy Food Show/NYC

Our childhood cracker 'experience' was pretty limited to saltines, oyster crackers for chowders, Triscuits (or Wheat Thins), mom's Melba Toast and an occasional plain ole' English imported water cracker-which was considered rather posh eats back then.

NOW-crackers are its own gourmet category-not an accessory to the main gigs of cheese, canapés, and things to crunch up in soups.

Some highlights from the most recent Fancy Foods Show

THE NEW WRAPS-Beyond Tortillas

Fancy Food Show/NYC

Finally hauling it over to our local Chipotle-courtesy of a free coupon mailed out to consumers post the food illness mess...didn't convince us to join the usual lines waiting up.. as we live in  a multi-ethnic city where better, yummy inexpensive eats abound.

Including authentic and interpretations of Mexican tortillas...which like many utensil -free eats -is a wrap for 'stuffings" of plants, beans, meats etc.

NEW: Gourmet takes on this cheap eat staple give a tasty and healthier new twist to the pedestrian corn meal-grain based tortilla...

FYI:  we saw several cheese crisp snacks the show...another boon for those who crave a crispy-kinda fatty treat like potato chips-but without the wheat, gluten or lactose and delivering protein and calcium!

BONJOUR! Rossignol Debuts New Luxury Boots F/W

The Rossignol hard/soft goods...high performance skis/d\snowboards and sport chic apparel-are sold world wide.

For Fall 2016-a collection of high end, designed in Italy, made in Romania waterproof  SPORT CHIC boots that are stylish and waterproof-that are après ski worthy of the most fashionable ski resorts and sophisticated cities. Very impressive!


Outdoor Retailer/SLC

Casual - Technical Mids+Lows featuring 'hot' Energy Returning proprietary Boost™ Technology

Adidas footwear is selling these days-the YEEZY is blowing out...

But it's not just the kicks for the street savvy getting the nod.... adidas OUTDOORS-sports performance offerings- smartly incorporate the iconic three stripes...and are embedded with tech features that imo the adventure types that expect functionality- will give their approving nods to too.

Some Highlights:

THE Terrex Agravic -is light, fast and stabile...available  in a waterproof  GTX (Gore-Tex) and non Gore-Tex versions...weighs in at 12.5oz for men and 10.8oz for women. 

Buzzy 'IT' Flavors: SMOKIN', BOURBON, COFFEE...

Whisky and Beer...
Joining Sea Salt, Pickled, Spicy Peppers and Sriracha as the 'hot' accent trends at Fancy Food Show.

Some Show Highlights:


New Jackets, Tops, Pants, Coats For Climbers, Hikers, and Anyone Taking A Stroll...

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

adidas OUTDOORS shares the same DNA as it's snazzier fashion-lifestyle collections less the ONLY FIRST NAMES NECESSARY (Pharrell! Kanye! Stella!) brethren.

Meaning-good looking 'modern progressive' pieces - that multi-task--- with a performance outdoorsy athletic slant-ready for ANY ADVENTURE. 
Expect all tops, jackets, pants to be super durable, well made-using the latest in tech fabrics -for example-weather wet toughPertex Quantum, Primaloft Gold-primo synthetic insulation, Gore-Tex Active-engineered to vaporize moisture/breath for the fast aerobic activities,Polartec Power Wool a moisture wicking-anti-odor merino wool/synthetic blend).


29 Spring Street/NYC

WHERE: Westerlind Retail Store -a curated urban outdoor emporium (sea, mountain and home goods)... sells some of our fav apparel/accessories brands-including their own, Grundens rainwear, Snow Peak and Japan's hard to find here Ficouture...

....hostedTeva's Arrowood WP launch-a stylish boot (mid $160 and low $120-$140 W/M versions) with the comfort of the acclaimed sandals-with FloatLite™ technology-new foam construction that's both light and durable, with PU sockliner (removable), full grain leather uppers, waterproof, and rubber outsole inserts...multi-tasks as a good traveling, easy hiking kick.