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Jams + Fruits: Exotic Flavors+New Pairings

Fancy Foods Show/NYC

Fruits in all forms-are the savory compliments to a wide category of foods...most notably when paired with cheeses, as a dessert topping or as an unexpected ingredient in a flavorable sauce.

Notably-less-the additives....even the  sweet part of the iconic peanut butter and jelly duo-has gotten more sophisticated...and more natural-meaning no corn syrup sweetness, funky preservatives, or other oddly pronounced, eyebrow arching 'stuff.'

Some Highlights:

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Not Your Parent's Peanut Butter #FancyFoodsShow #EditorShowcase

Fancy Food Show-NYC

The all-American staple as it appeared last century is so old. Even a casual stroll down most grocery stores will turn up peanut butter-now-as bought by more Americans than ever---opting for"natural" (meaning without high fructose corn syrup+hydrogenated oils, or trans fats), USDA certified organic (which is not costly either)...and peanut butter-spread alternatives made from other nut seeds or even tree nut free...mimicking the texture-tho not necessarily the exact taste-tho still tasty (imo).

Premium peanut butters will please everyone-kids with gourmet tastes ( increasingly sophisticated palates for the pint sized group), millennials...who trade up and want natural eats,  and adults- who have out grown the ordinary.

We are big fans of Peanut Butter&Co. powdered peanut butter ---and this company makes handy squeeze packs (calorie portioned too)---

Chocolate covered peanut butter goes glammy---for adults who grew up and want to indulge a tad better t…

N.Y.'s Finger Lakes Rieslings 2014 =Premium Wines-Revelation

The Finger Lakes Wine Alliance  held a downstate event this past week---the 5th Annual Finger Lakes Riesling Launch-introducing press/industry to the newly released (and mostly for sale now or soon) 2014 Rieslings... from their home region.

New to us---this area of planet earth  -is distinguished by four very deep fresh water lakes (Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga), has 115+wineries, 9200 acres of grapes, with 848 acres of those offerings destined for aromatic Rieslings. PLUS... of course---the glacier-sculpted terroir and micro-climates (east and west sun exposures that yield the bold/mineral-y -to-peachy apricot, cold Winters, cool wind swept Springs, sun warmed Falls)-necessary to make these world class wines.

Upshot- all were delicious-ranging from Dry to Semi-Dry (most of what we tasted), and a few Medium Sweet and Sweet selections ...based on the sugar acid scale rating system of the International Riesling Foundation--- as seen on the back labels.

Price wise...mostly $1…

ANNIE'S LAUNCH: NEW Products Galore

GARY'S LOFT, NYC---was sunlit and weather perfect for our late afternoon visit ---to 'experience' the vastness of ANNIE'S 2015 product launches-with tasting stations creatively set-up around the spacious locale. 
FYI Annie's offerings are retailed in the 'mainstream' aisles as well as on the 'Natural" or "Organic' sections...
First impression-good thing we were hungry-AND-how come we don't get any of these healthy eats after finishing long distance triathlons...attention race directors!!!!!

One of two fav areas----the Certified Organic Soup tastings...fabulous! Love the packaging too---recyclable easy to open boxes...very kid friendly with fun names and graphics.