Friday, September 12, 2014



It's a fast paced world --- temporary stick on nails, and skin art tattoos are on trend, easy and perfectly timely-a cinch to apply and offers style with no commitment. We saw plenty of this past week backstage during NYFW S/S 2015. 

IMO: the best=BLACK LACE SKIN JEWELRY…hypoallergenic, waterproof and gorgeous-several collections are available including Black Matte, Black Sparkle, Metallic, and Bridal. 

If you have daughters-get ready to buy in bulk. Officially obsessed.

At the STYLE 360 LOUNGE-over on West 46th Street, Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos found many customers for their silver of gold foil metallic designs-afterwards-we saw loads of gals sporting these. HINT---want them to last, don't wear under a watch---and no body scrubs. 

 At Edwing D'Angelo's show-guys and gals got scripted-with liners….

 Manis…made of pre-shaped nails (mostly long, tapering almond shaped)…often with artful embellishments-were glued on ---at several shows we saw.

Patty Yankee did these ornate pearl encrusted knock-outs for the SAUNDER presentation-at the HUB, Hudson Hotel. Must have taken awhile to shape and glue on the beads...

STATIC NAILS-sure did not bring enough give-away samples of their reusable pop-on manis---that are paint-able, shape-able and FUN. Models were walking out with boxes. 

almond shape dominated
 We chatted with the engaging Alexis Irene -CEO of this about one year old company---who told us---that these talons last up to 14 days. The glue is included…and comes off in a hot shower, or soaking---and then can re-glue them on. Very eco…better than adding to a landfill!
Alexis Irene-CEO Static Nails-celebrating the last show. She promised us her product would not pop-off our flat nail beds.

 GINA EDWARDS---beloved by all--did a classic shaped nail and HAND PAINTED-these graphic lines of imPRESS KISS Press-On manicure nails for Bibhu Mohapatra's runway show over at Lincoln Center. 

Gina Edwards step-by-step on how-to create the look:
• Select the correct size imPRESS to fit each nail and set aside in order •P rep  nails with the prep pad to remove all oils and lightly buff around the cuticles • Peel off and press on imPRESS
• File nails to create a classic oval shape

• Using the KISS Nail Artist Paint in white, paint 2 parallel stripes on opposite sides of each other •Create one line on top and 2 at the bottom.
• Place 2 criss-cross stripes at the bottom meeting the center of the nail
• Duplicate again on the top of the nail.

• Apply KISS quick dry top coat and allow to dry
Featured products:
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