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MALAN BRETON #NYFW S/S 2015 A Journey To Taiwan

September 6th, 2015
Inspired by
Sinshe Lavender Farm

Malan Breton a Journey to Taiwan: 
The Heart of Asia

Malan Breton delivered a SHOW-complete with a line of traditionally attired Taiwanese women musicians and dancers---and a magnificent runway full of color!

Inspired by
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Tainan: Cherry Blossoms
With Taiwan -locale, architecture, indigenous people and iconic artworks as inspirations, the  men's and women's looked were grouped by their respective themes

Inspired by
Paper Lanterns at Lungshan Temple

Inspired by
A Vase from the National Palace Museum 

Inspired by
The Traditional Costume of the Hakka People

Notably all were defined -for us-by the sumptuously rich silk fabrics-tailored into Asian and western silhouettes.

Inspired by 
Taiwan's Green Island
A few daytime looks---were shown--- but the glamorous evening wear for ladies were absolute standouts-particularly a later portion of the runway show- when the rich shades of fuchsia -magenta and purple--- and dramatically deep black,  --- will probably get the  Hollywood stylists speed dialing.

Men -for the most part-sported impeccably tailored suits…some with appropriately long trousers we think were the most dapper.

Breton, a Project Runway alum----finished his dramatic outing---( the longest runway show we happily sat through---about a half hour long)---with a well desired walk down the runway…accompanied by the models in two sparkling white gowns-…with elaborate embellishments - a fab exclamation point to a beautiful show.

Inspired by
The Tao Tribe (Yami People) of Orchid Island
A deserved seat-Malan Breton ---- at his after-party...

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Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

Hair by: Christo 5th Avenue
Makeup by : Bella Beauty
 Cruyff Classics, Blacklace Skin Jewelry, KONSTANTINA TZOVOLOU 
Crownhill Shoes, J Renee, Freida Rothman Jewelry.
Warner Music Taiwan, 
Yung-Li Dance Company,
Grace Chen Guzheng Orchestra,
(Images/video of runway show courtesy of Malan Breton)