Thursday, September 11, 2014


High Line Hotel/NYC

The Ecclesiastical underpinnings of the now Highline Hotel-is a spacious-serene setting to pause and think about the clothes we were looking at-by designer Katie Gallagher. It's easy to just breeze in and out of the mounds of presentations we go to for NYFW-without taking a moment to reflect on what is actually the thought process underlying what we see. But here we did.

Titled FANTASM-"(the original spelling of the modern-day word phantasm, which describes something that exists in perception only)" the abundance of sheerness  in the fabrics used…was a interpretation of-and quoting here…the themes of color and colorlessness and the inconstant or impermanent nature of things were central to this collection.  The illusory essence of the word Fantasm captures the idea of seeing the true complexion of something just before it fades away — like the changing appearance of naturally occurring elements like dew or smoke just before they diminish into transparency or the faint luminance of a memory just before it disappears from one's mind.

Long sleeves-have a light tough touch throughout-including on the right-the luxe sweatshirt- with sheer inserts ... 

Alternating between loosely draped apparel-perfectly easy to wear on hot days- and more fitted swim/lingerie-like separates-with closely fitting silhouettes that reminded us of VPL…by Victoria Bartlett, the collection as a whole gave a relaxed vibe-with flesh and muted colors-plus black/gray -solids all-except for some printed trim/hem details…by 3D Printer Bradley Rothenberg. 

the fit of the trousers here in dark charcoal and in white pictured up top-are the perfect slouchy trousers-paired with a fitted top. Many of the blouses and dresses were completely see-through-but in reality- most gals will layer over a tank.


Katie Gallagher SS15 Presentation Information:
Make Up: Romero Jennings for MAC
Hair: Nick Irwin for TiGi
Nails: Jami Zoglio for Hair Room Service
3D Printing: Bradley Rothenberg-
Located at the intersection of design and technology, Bradley Rothenberg is focused on making 3D printed fashion a viable and accessible reality. With the goal to unlock 3D printing's potential to change design and manufacturing, the studio explores computation as a method to generate objects that could not be made in other ways. Bradley Rothenberg has worked with some of the most innovative fashion brands to incorporate 3D printing into their lines, while introducing them to the capabilities this new technology affords.
Shoe Adornments and Rings: Hadria X Katie Gallagher
Shoes: Born X Katie Gallagher