Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Backstage Hair/Makeup MIZANI, MAKEUP FOREVER Victor dE Souza #NYFW S/S 2015

The Ballroom: 4 West 43rd Street/NYC

 Coupled with MIZANI styling products, he came up with the idea to create triangle shapes, with an unconventional, coiled texture to produce a magnificent reverse (def. eye-catching) “A-Line Bob.” 
For the distinctly editorial 'monochromatic -unity' look of the models for Victor dE Souza's S/S 2015 collection, hair stylist-entrepreneur (DOP DOP Salon)-and MIZANI Celebrity Artist  Caesar Ramirez (and his team), pretty much stayed up all night, crafting 20 wigs -
“I wanted to design a dimensional style in this icy, arctic shade for a dramatic look…using MIZANI products to create the bold, textured style was a perfect match, as the brand has always been a leader in the professional textured market. I loved having the opportunity to work with Victor because he brings drama and his pieces are incredibly theatrical, so it really inspires my creativity.” And lack of sleep-but hey, it's NYFW.

How to get the look:
  • Start by applying a small amount of MIZANI Iron Curl Heat Styling and Curling Cream to the entire head of hair, create a center part and brush smooth to start the shape
  • Take 3" hair pins and wrap small strands of hair in a “figure 8” around the pin, holding the ends in place
  • Once the hair is wrapped around pins, spray it with MIZANI HRM Humidity Resistant Mist and heat with a flat iron for a few seconds; repeat the process until your entire head is covered with pins
  • Next, remove the hair pins and brush it out to reveal a very teased and textured head of hair
  • Cut the length very blunt into a triangle shape, frame the face and create a sharp line to reveal a cutting-edge A-Line Bob
  • Lastly, spray the entire head with MIZANI HRM Humidity Resistant Mist to set the shape, and voila
on right-Victor dE Souza (yup, 'E" purposely capitalized) -Fashion Designer-used lots of glammy-silk organza,-in bold solid tones…vivid prints-"80's" inspiration.

a beaded tree branch n shiny black against rich floral print- 

what every woman needs- a row of Manolo's….
In 'real life'-an elegant, lasting 'do to fit a classic Red Carpet gown-using Mizani products- was ably demonstrated by the talented Ramirez, for co-host of New York Live Jacque Reid -as she worked the Red Carpet during the recent 1st Look NBC's coverage of the  2014 EMMY AWARDS. 


ALL products available to purchase online at Folica.com, JCP.com, Beautybrands.com and Ulta.com….and MIZANI salons: www.MIZANI.com.


Cesar Ramirez




The MAKE UP FOREVER Professional-blanked out key features ---and with the aid of tinted contacts-gave the models an ethereal, pigment-less look…to go along with the "albino" goal. It is striking in its own way.

Camo Cream under the eye and on the brow….and fiber lash primer-upper+lower added a lot of length to fluttery eyelashes-and added the  fleshy color. Lips were rosy pink-via Rouge Artist Pailette

serious length to eyelashes….pink HD blush on cheeks and eyelids…gave it an icy-vibe with flush of Spring, imo.

Lead makeup artist DUSTIN LUJAN conceals...
Male model-wearing a ball gown-is an interesting guy-who liked the opportunity to explore a different role for himself…to be another person. Reminds us of what a lot of actors like about acting.

really see how much length the primer added

Runway Image of Final Look courtesy of MIZANI/JdeLEON Photography