Sunday, June 29, 2014


integrates speakers, surround sound module, optional hard disc and Smart TV, 360º sensor analyzes light in room-ensures viewing is optimized =BEOVISION 11


Not surprisingly, a media event we recently attended at the just off MADISON AVE. NYC Bang&Olufsen store---was filled with our colleagues-social media mavens that usually review fashion/beauty…but here to take in the stunning and technology tops audiophile/visual offerings of the high end Danish brand Bang+Olufsen.

Beolab 5 2500 watts of exceptional digital  amplification that self adjusts sound of the room  (kind of magically, imo)
As fanatics of Scandinavian design, in general… we expected exceptional eye candy. But bonus points get awarded too- as these top-of-the-line stunners comply with international environmental standards- manufacturing and contents-including use eco materials that are durable -like  aluminum (that can be recycled), and sustainable woods.

Pretty sure no one else asked…but we figured a Denmark based company would care too…as stated on their website.

ALSO noted…the designers and engineers are named and acknowledged.

BIG NEWS: The new BEOVISION  AVANT with 3 channel stereo system built in and VisionClear technology, wireless sound, multiple stand options...

controlled by smart phone apps-now you see it …now you don't-panel turns to integrate into any decor…as simple as switching on a light BeoSound Essence remote sound system…

Wireless speaker systems double as sculpture. 

loudspeakers, personal electronics-headphones

most wanted and priced at $399---plush lambskin, high quality materials-tactile aluminum =surprisingly lightweight and comfy-  headphones "honesty in form and function"-Jakob Wagner, Designer...BEOPLAY H6 . fyi limited editions…available too

stylish portable compact speaker w/ "simply awesome sound" built in battery-stream music via AirPlay from mobile device. Designer Cecile Manz

rather feminine shape-BEOPLAY A8 can connect or stream-supports both Apple+Android

even a desktop mirror=beautiful

BEOPLAY  V1 hang from ceiling or mount on wall, premium picture, excellent sound quality, adaptive light sensor built in