Saturday, April 19, 2014

WOLVERINE MEN'S FOOTWEAR-1000 MILE+NO.1883 Spring-Fall 2014

A Modern Classic: Centennial: 6" 1000 Mile Boot-Horween® leather lined, ¾ Horween® leather footbed (helps moisture wicking), leather welt, Goodyear™ welt construction, Butyl-treated leather with Vibram® rubber heel-last a long time. $400

WOLVERINE® shoes for men's 'lifestyle' occasions take inspiration from the brand's 125 years old heritage---with two group of shoes for guys: the 1000 Mile shoes directly connecting with company founder G.A. Krause's MO to craft finely made rugged/refined footwear-made in the USA-and the No. 1883 selections …"Where Tradition Meets Trend…"

There is a lot to love here---and the durable welt construction, stitch details, and high end materials are obvious… even in these pictures.

Happy Birthday!!! The 1000 Mile Centennial Edition Boot celebrates the 100th anniversary of the same named boot-first made back in 1914…Made in the USA (Wolverine's Big Rapids, MI factory) with Horween® Genuine American Bison leather. 

Wesley: Wingtip 1000 Mile Chukka-Gentleman's Collection also available in brown, black and tan-russet pictured. Goodyear® welt construction-with rubber/leather outsole, full grain leather upper, unlined, full leather cushion footbed, midsole+welt $290-dapper shoe sneak under suit trousers-or wear with jeans... 

The Garrison Collection from the Wolverine 1000 Mile group has military style for guys without the need for basic training. Pictured-in Olive-the Hartmann-a full grain leather upper unlined boot with leather footbed, rubber midsole, leather welt, rubber outsole and Goodyear® welt construction. Black tone and a brown-available now. $320

The No. 1883 collection-contemporary priced (around $140-$210)---have several unlined shoes-that are wearable year round---and every kick pictured here---will look 'relevant' ---five years from now too.
ORVILLE DESERT BOOT is available now in suede-cement construction ($140) and delivering 8/1 with full grain leather upper ($160). Unlined with rubber mid+outsole, leather footbed that's breathable, Bon-Welt construction ---can see guys wearing these year round with or without socks.

practically a must have style-imo-GARRICK: CHELSEA BOOT -full grain leather upper, unlined, leather footbed, rubber outsole, cement construction-3 colors…charcoal, copper brown, black (top-bottom)

Nubuck leather/felt or Nubuck Leather/Canvas upper
The Made in Portugal No. 1883 are well made-from -a country with stellar shoe production skills---including these mixed materials-BENTO:MOC-TOE WEDGE. Hiker/boat shoe hybrid….with felt panels and eye-catching contrast stitching atop a durable lug outsole.
Nubuck Leather/Felt, leather lining+footbed, EVA outsole, cement construction=Bento: Moc-Toe Wedge-in Navy+ Brown available now $175
white outsole trim-lightens up this shoe-another year round selection-No. 1883 made in Portugal-CARLOS:LEATHER CHUKKA-in brown full grain leather upper pictured…leather lined, leather footbed, rubber outsole and cement construction.