Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NEW ERA CAPS-Any USA SPORT, Any Occasion, Limited Editions-New Backpacks 2014


Caps-baseball, cadet, military, wide brim…have morphed from mere sun blockers to fashion statements. 

OR a very visible way to show one's allegiance to some USA sports team…courtesy of Buffalo, NY based New Era.
And we thought all those stylish riffs on the iconic NY Yankees logo-sitting atop subway riders heads were---well --- bootlegs.
WRONG. NEW ERA---has a huge assortment of heritage (Ek Collection -fedoras, bowlers, newsboys), retro-old school, modern new school---and creative just skipping school design worthy caps---really HUGE. No wonder-this company is a global giant.

With license agreements in place for all USA major sport leagues…plus collaborations with cult fav artists and imagery from pop icons…( like Andy Warhol's Marilyn image $39.99)---if you can't find a hat to your liking-might be a sign to check your noggin's contents. 


Custom create your own a viable option right on NEW ERA's website...

FUN: Make like the hometown's fav players from MLB's  with 59FITTED® caps that the pros wear on the field with performance features like moisture wicking-components through NE TECH™featuring  COOLERA™ and SOLARERA™. COOLERA™ whisks away sweat while SOLARERA™ offers UPF50+ protection from intense sunlight.
creative one offs-this is plastic letters---"TR ILL" we asked what that meant=really cool.

NEW: Backpacks---that match right up with caps.
BONUS: A corporate social responsibility mission---including a commitment to its Western NY hometown. Bravo to that.