Monday, April 28, 2014

#GreenFest -Green Festival NYC- A Recap


Live music, tasty cooking demonstrations, free food/drink samples...

PLUS story telling, inspirational speakers, an Eco fashion show how-to informational talks, exhibitors sharing "Green" products for personal/household/pets-and services - like Eco-travel…
FORD is a sponsor-with hybrid vehicles C-Max, pictured above
AND: Even a book signing by journalist/ABC Television anchor DAN HARRIS…sharing his page-turning story about his adrenaline driven professional life--- and then-his personal crash-panic-heal thyself meditative MO- (that's one good read: 10% HAPPIER).

The Green Festival is not only the largest sustainable and long running ECO lifestyle festival of its kind---it's also a way to discover (or re-affirm) why being green- isn't just some unattainable elitist movement---and really is an accessible, affordable way of living-supported by individuals, businesses large and small, as well as NGOs.

Not surprising of course-an eco lifestyle benefits everyone and everything---and in the case of food -it really tastes so much better too.

Personally-we can vouch for sponsor Clif Bar & Company-who has a new line of quickly devoured MOJO Trail Mix bars---made up of organic and GMO free natural ingredients --- that one doesn't need a dictionary to decode (or pronounce). All tasty, easily carried around snacks-are under 200 calories a pop, zero trans fat and low glycemic (no high-crash burn in like five minutes-a good thing, fyi)---and great just to keep in a car or backpack to stave off hunger pangs.

Eight flavors are available NOW-but warning--the newest one-the Clif Mojo™ Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt- might just be our fav- a perfectly flawless balance of sweet, salty, chewy crunch...and therefore, not very long lasting if within our eyeball range..
Next up-the Green Festival in Washington, DC-May 31, June 1st 2014---

NYC's version of Green Festival gathered an ethnically diverse, all ages mass of attendees.

(all photos-courtesy of The Green Festival)