Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Endurance Sports Essentials-Nutrition-Fuel/Clif Bars, Honey Stinger

Convenience and nutritious-and as tasty as candy/cookies---without what is that…ingredients= winning combos!

Ramping up outdoor activities for the racing season-efforts to eat well---fall into the efforts to fuel well category-as often as not. And we can think of hundreds of things we would rather be doing than using time to shop/cook/eat...

Helping us go the distance-FAST-post workout and after a race (versus the often sketchy finish line food)…Clif Bars Builder's Bars contain easy to digest, tasty sums of muscle repairing protein (the primary source-soy)-something we struggle to get enough of…plus 15- 23 vitamins/minerals (depending on flavor) in meaningful amounts.

Authentic tastes-just like everything with Clif Bar on the label - it's helpful that the ingredients are pronounceable.  Plus-be rewarded with he just right amount of sweetness -from mostly organic-and certainly real natural sources (beet juice, organic brown rice, cane sugar)-that are low glycemic (no sugar rush headache).

Three sizes…snack size with 10grams of protein, 'regular'-20grams of protein and the practically a meal replacement- Builder's Max-30grams of "TriBuild™protein-(Soy, Whey Isolate Proteins, Casein)---our go to size choice after a long bout of exercise…because it's satisfies our hunger needs without knocking us out. (Think pasta paralysis).
 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…wrapper-go through bars so fast-thos is the last evidence ---till our next order

There's not a flavor we don't like---with Builder's Max choices of Caramel Peanut (with organic peanuts),  Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough(organic cocoa)---available now (390 calories).
ALL are somewhat akin to eating dessert BUT without the guilt . The texture too-has just the right amount of chew/swallow-ability---which other, too sludgy protein bars do not share. 

Other  Cli Bar Builder's sizes have more flavor choices-also made without artificial sweeteners, or chemically derived preservatives.

Like other Clif Bar products (the pictured Gel Bloks-our go to pre-exercise energy boost)…we order by the box-online. ($9.99-$21.50)


We're late to the honey is amazing brigade---but other athletes/outdoor types clearly are not-given how popular the family owned Honey Stinger product line is and has grown. We see the eye catching bee/honeycomb logo-in retail outlets from bike shops to major chain outlets-to our local grocery store now----.
YUMMY: The USDA organic (!!!) waffles -all have a thin thin thin layer of honey with added organic flavor -depending (160 calories). ALL-are crispy crunchy light-and basically -we thought- delish snack treats with the benefits of being available in portion control sizes  (including kids-80 calories/per)-cause it is easy to eat more than one. You have been warned.

We tried the Orange Blossom (12 packets/$27) energy chews too- that delivered just the right amount of 'kick' before a swim workout-without any stomach problems but quelling down any hunger pains. The texture and taste were excellent-think soft gummy bear-ish---they're also gluten free as well as composed of 95% organic specs. Per serving- also delivers 100% RDA Vitamin C.

More importantly for us-though- energy deliverance-immediate and lasting-a must. We felt an immediate surge-probably because the organic honey delivers help, super fast. Organic tapioca syrup, organic evaporated cane juice and organic grape juice concentrate- also provide sweetness-and longer lead time headache free energy-which when we train-tends to 'fuel' for 40-45 minutes hard effort.

Kid sizes in the chews as well (70 calories/packet)...

Lastly from Honey Stinger-we had a Rocket Chocolate Energy Bar (190 calories)--with 5grams protein-non-GMO soy, and 30% honey-was just enough to stave off a 4PM nap for a few hours. We don't look to energy bars for exercise energy…but as mini-meals-and with 23 minerals/vitamins-certainly waayy better than a handful of pretzels. Just the right amount of authentic chocolate taste-semi-sweet chocolate chips and crunch (rice crisps, almonds) 15 bars/$27.75