Thursday, April 24, 2014


Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™ - P^cubed ® Travel Pants---review

at the NY Times Travel Show-NYC


Men/Women's: Cool Spring Gear Part 3

Whether going somewhere across datelines and borders-or closer to home-one's encounters with pesky thieves- very skilled at getting the goods-undetectably-can ruin any day/week/month…and beyond.

The spacious, light filled Brooklyn headquarters---super well organized…with on site customer service/packaging btw…many style sizes sell out -but regular massive inventory shipments =no worries

Even so called 'safe' zones of the world-have petty crime problems-which can ruin any trip for the theft victim…missing an ID packed wallet, or  an iPhone with a loaded SIM card- that was casually placed in an unsecured back pocket (though why people do that is beyond comprehension)…

AND so necessity breeds quality solutions-for one NYC based entrepreneur-when a close call for his wallet in Vietnam by a swarm of skilled pickpocket types- a few years back-led to an epiphany for what is missing in clothing…

THAT IS…well made, tailored, durable and practical attire for urban or rugged terrain-that is pulled together enough not to raise eyebrows at sketchy border crossings…but tricked out with hidden-secure pockets…for the 'stuff''everyone moving about- hauls around.

The guy versions have added button flap to the waist pockets-another layer of security-but …IMO… breaks up a lean line.

Clothing Arts -has been up and running for a few seasons-and has really taken off-in a matter of speaking…with several pants, shirts and shorts styles-all distinguished by the P^ cubed logo-with focused/edited-line of seperates-for both genders.

Its offerings are so unique to the market---in fact,…that we even ventured to a far flung (for us) Brooklyn destination on an alphabet subway we've never even taken before-to see first hand the operations of this successful enterprise.

The women's P^cubed® Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™Travel Pant we got…has multiple lightweight, well placed pockets-(with design patents in place, fyi)...some with zippers, all security minded…beginning with two- side waist ones…that we often just keep unzipped just to rest our hands there. 

WHAT'S DIFFERENT-the waist pockets kinda lie imperceptibly  ---not to adding inches to our mid-section (what woman would ever want that)...with an inner fabric piece divider on one side-more typical of menswear-but sooo practical. It would be tough for prying hands to slip into these--the angled to the front pockets are placed just so.
flat waist-most flattering cut for pants-belt loops are securely stitched on fits most belt sizes…including traveler belts…side pockets place so as not to add inches on the side- when carrying personal items
Notably-the zippers add no weight but are clearly tough. Won't rip out or catch….and when zipped up-the zipper cage cannot easily be grabbed by anyone but the person wearing the pants. As it should be!

 covered zipper lies flat and well hidden under a flap…buttons securely sewed on-we doubt they will ever unravel...
On the leg-mid-thigh- there are also two on the outer side cargo like-pockets--that when unbuttoned - reveal even more secure storage areas…big enough for currency-room card keys and credit cards/ids like driver's license-or government issued plastic cards. (Fyi-the flaps lie flat-like- no unflattering added inches here either, esp. when empty).

One has a hidden zipper in the button flap -the other button flap one without a zipper-is good for stashing an easy grab lipgloss, 3 oz sunscreen tube etc.

Bonus points-that all of the pockets-including two rear pockets-one with a hidden zipper- for secure haulage -are comfortably placed= ---where our body doesn't ever bend-so as to limit the interior  'space' of the pocket…or add annoying perceptible bulges when we put stuff inside.
nice shape pocket-sized just right...
Hot weather demands Capri lengths---and the Travel Pant  inner tabs--secure to outer buttons around mid-calf…for a roll-up option. (New convertible zip-off pants/sorts for women-like the guys have now-coming in a few months)

The flat front cut-is flattering…and on trend…a design detail other outdoor companies that make women's casual lifestyle/travel apparel-don't get.

 Impressive when we think the two guys running this entity have toiled in the financial industry-not the garmento one.

Double stitched seams with serious threading-and a tad of stretch in the fabric (we felt, anyway)-is great for contorting oneself in economy class-or for scrambling up a mountain without worrying about seam splits. The  Nature-Like™ Nylon material-with woven in UPF 50+ has really good hand feel, can scrunch up to pack-and emerge just fine-really resists dirt, and water-and cleans in cold water. We drip dried ours-but tumble dry low is an option too.
serious puncture-and pull apart resistant zipper teeth that won't get bent out of shape either - -stitched in place----super well made---this side pocket has the inner tab---good for metal coins---kind of see in this picture

There isn't any shrinkage after laundering-a positive that eliminates the need for stretching calisthenics…but the waist - does has two adjustable button tabs in the back for expansion/contraction purposes.

roll up ez-for capri length-the button on the leg-isn't noticeable when not needed…tabs are inside and not noticeably when the pants are hanging at regular length
Fit-wise-for us-the pants waist part rests right above the top of our narrow by USA standards sized hip bones-where we like our jeans to hit too. For other women -the waist fit might be a bit higher. There is a new cut for women-with an even higher waist rise-(muffin top solution here-we guess)-coming in a few months.

SIZING -we usually wear a PANT regular size American XXS (00-0), a French 32-34 and UK 4-6---and the Clothing Arts Size 2 fit us fine--- we feel the pants are more silhouetted like a European cut than the typical "fuller" more generous sizing-typical of American women's clothing. Super athletic legs- "curvy" gals-or those wanting more of a loose boyfriend fit-should def. size up. Petite and tall inseam options---in sizes 2-16.

WHAT ELSE-color options-think safari/neutrals-grey, khaki, olive…that matchy match with a rainbow's worth of color/pattern/prints.

Priced at $99.95-these pants are versatile-and not expensive at all…and one pair can eliminate the need for multiple pant styles in wide range of climates- when traveling-and need for a purse or worse, a fanny pack …

 For traveling gals-these are no brainers but we wear them all the time in a trendy fashion driven city- …as the polished silhouette -a classic (smarter) safari look that has been in style for decades… easily lends itself to dress-up possibilities-swap out the hiking boots or river sandals-for heels, a cute top/blazer/scarf/bling=done.

It did not surprise us at all -to learn that evolutionary possibilities for Clothing Arts includes retail distribution in more fashion-y outlets---in addition to being available online, and in select, well-respected travel catalogues.

PLUS: For men…new business pant---delivering in May 2014
image grabbed off the website-looks like a dressy chino...

-made of the same Nature-Like™ Nylon-that drapes well, comes in four color options….

joining a roster shirts, shorts., casual and adventure selections-including handsome cotton twill, Teflon® tough straight leg cut- P^cubed® Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™ Business Traveler Pants.


antique sewing machines and posters…very cool----have been lovingly collected
and framed…homemade frames too...