Friday, April 25, 2014

AmLactin®-MASS MARKET Skin Moisturizer The Pros Love


Recently a bunch of influential style/beauty magazines came out with their top beauty/hair product picks for the Spring 2014. Noticeably-a majority of selections were very high priced-and from the same company-across several categories.

Okay-we can see how a particular entity can make a lot of tip top stuff-but we also know that in some instances-widely available, cheaper products do just as good a job…or even better.

With the somewhat summery temps-even we are getting a pedicure. Scraping off the layers of scaly skin on our feet/legs/elbows-now exposed to the outside world-is mandatory-as we joke-so as not to scare people-let alone the BF-who btw-regularly test drives skincare products too.

WHAT: Effective lotion formulations-that are fast working and no-fuss- are key-no fancy marketing programs needed…  and our new fav (guy approved)- that we actually have used in the past but rediscovered-thanks to a meet with Dermatologist Doris Day…is AmLactin®'s Cerapeutic™ Restoring Body Lotion-that gets the flakes off our skin after a swim in chlorine pools-  and the fast working,  Triple Action Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream-a thickish cream that can be applied lightly and rubbed in- but we slather/layer on -put on socks-go to sleep-and wake up with prettier feet. Plus-dab on our elbows.

WHY AmLactin® skin care products- all nicely absorbed in seconds- differ and work better than pricer scented lotions=they contain a patented ULTRAPLEX® - alpha-hydroxy ceramide therapy-that really  sloughs off-dead skin, moisturizing at the same time-and yet is gentle enough for our super sensitive skin. AND we can use it everyday without flaky irritation.

 FYI: Alpha Hydroxy acids-like lactic, glycol etc- (AHAs) are well known proven anti-aging, skin rejuvenating chemical compounds found in a lot of cosmetics/beauty products. What separates products-besides packaging/price- the concentration of AHAs -and therefore the efficacy of the products-meaning how well they really exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis (skin) without being irritating…but still remain effective.

AND: Ceramides-moisture capturing lipids-also are proven to strengthen and-protect skin against moisture loss- maintaining youthful suppleness. And like AHAs-concentrations vary.

AmLactin® has three product lines -all with meaningfully active ingredients- that range from heavier -to-light formulas- for relieving, repairing and restoring dry, sensitive skin. How to choose-depends on one's needs (helpful chart on their website).

BONUS-all of AmLactin® products-including the very rich and emollient-Ultra Hydrating Body cream (for severe dry skin)-and the lighter/everyday use all over- Moisturizing Body Lotion-with 12% lactic acid- are fragrance free-which means that there is no added fragrance whatsoever-unlike some products that are unscented-but have added fragrance to neutralize the scent-hence "unscented" and thus can be irritating for sensitive types.

WHERE TO BUY: Available all over (really)-in stores like Walgreens, Walmart, and Costco- and online-Amazon, etc. While not priced as low as some moisturizers -the 20 oz and 7.9oz  AmLactin® pump bottles, of the body lotions-last a long, long time..and to try out-there are smaller 2oz squeeze top sizes. For our legs-we mixed in a few drops of self tanner-for a barely there-bit of a glow without the streaks.

Tubes sizes-ranging from travel friendly 1oz, 3oz and bigger 4.9 oz are widely available too…

WHAT ELSE: Dermatologist Doris Day-is refreshingly frank. We chatted with her recently about her approach to beauty and...and like our wardrobes-embraces high and low priced products-as long as it works….and non-surgical treatment options-to effectively deal with anti-aging concerns.