Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Phoenix Keating Debuts in NYC-"Vaudevillian" Collection Women's Fashion

West 29th Street, NYC

Phoenix Keating...with 20's glamorous silhouette beautifully made-fabric is sheer and very this century. Can see why Lady Gaga wore something from this designer while touring Australia. 

For his New York debut, Phoenix Keating ( created a unique collection of apparel and accessories titled “Vaudevillian,” which is rooted in a story told in the future and the past, where androids have developed intelligence, taking human form and adapting physically while still embodying a cool, analytic exterior made impossible by human emotion. 

pleats all hand done...stretchy waistband add a bit of sportiness to a skirt.

mesh lining athletic reference is practical too-allows body to breath in this studded leather vest
It’s with such drama that Keating presents an ultra-modern collection that is still heavily inspired by the 1920s. Referencing Josephine Baker, Keating combines divergent influences, among them Ms. Baker’s perseverance through the tumultuous 20s, and the Vaudeville circuit, paired with unlikely counterparts like futuristic machine-like androids clothed in riveted metal sheets, and Japanese Geishas with traditional English fabrics and kimono techniques.
leather skirt....this is a versatile item-wear with a black turtleneck knit/booties or glam up with sheer frilly blouse and strappy shoes

hand bleached on the lower part that's a dipped mermaid style hem-glend plaid tailored short sleeve dress is feminine proper and edgy! 

dresses up any outfit-

knitted stretchy waistband-adds some sport to kick pleat skirt-with sheer red chiffon backing-element of surprise red silk-pleated---and below in leather with pleated hem-made very well---fitted to perfection

accessories too