Thursday, October 17, 2013

OUT OF HAND-Museum of Art+Design Explores Digital Fabrication in Art, Architecture+Design

intricate---!!!!lace sculpture---
Columbus Circle/NYC

Technology deployed in a forward thinking, creative way...a nice refresh from Generation Overshare-this genius exhibit -OUT OF HAND-that spans 3 floors (more or less)...physically, and often inter-actively- shows what's up with 3D scanning, imagery, printing and automation...when IN THE HANDS of creative individuals.

Nike Vapor Laser Talon 2013 by Shane Kohatsu -for marathoners at 2012 Olympics....
We got the heads up on the cutting edge 120 works of sculpture, jewelry and fashion and furniture by 85 artists---from the agency that works with edgy chic SOMARTA--- a fashion line by Japanese designer Tamae Hirokawa who crafted the amazing lace PROTEAN Bodywear worn by Lady Gaga-that's digitally knit into one piece-absent of any seams and covered in Swarovski crystals. A big wow. Pictured below....

Picture-courtesy of designer...Tamae Hirokawa-Protean bodywear-
Organized around 6 themes...reflecting aesthetic trends and artistic approaches...diverse inspirations come from nature as well as mathematical formulae-brought to 3D life in Marc Newsom's awe inspiring fractal necklace hand crafted by Boucheron and composed of 2000 diamonds and sapphires set in swirling designs.

Other themes---reference computer assisted production, digital manipulation, the five senses conjured up in immersive art forms, and the limitless possibilities of emerging technologies.

No worries if a Luddite...fascinating even for the computer phobic types...and educational too-including many lectures, master classes, open studios etc.

There are do not touch signs throughout the exhibit-when that's exactly what we wanted to do. BUT---there are interactive installations---and our favorite---sure to cause a pile-up at the front door-is by the BRILLIANT Dutch company anyone can get 3D digitally scanned-rendered in 3D print on a software loaded hi-res computer/printer or more fun... order up an exact figurine of oneself-like a toy figurine BUT YOU--- in any one of 30 materials and 2 sizes...! Talk about a great gift. HANDS ON!

It takes about 4 minutes to be scanned-the souped up, smart camera moves up and down slowly-while the person as art (YOU) stands on a slowly rotating grey disc...when done, step off and the Shapeways employee has a flat screen image of you that can be enhanced with special software-kinda like Photoshop. For us, it filled in some of our hair tresses...apparently the camera doesn't always get dark locks imaged perfectly...but other than that -it was a flawless 360 degree rendering of us, striking  a pose that allowed us to remain still during the process.

Fill in email info...and one gets notified when orders are ready to be filled via Shapeways website.

We could have taken pics of everything...but apparently no flash---so we only have a few images...but iPhones were def. snapping away.

Open from October 16-July 6th 2014.

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