Thursday, October 24, 2013

NEW: The Good Will Out/ Cologne, Germany debuts the X New Balance 577 Highway Pack

The Good Will Out x New Balance 577 Highway Pack, as its name suggests, is inspired by the German Autobahn. speeding tickets fast EVER...on the 12,000km stretch of German motorways....started in 1932.with the A555 built between Cologne and Bonn, another reason for the Cologne sneaker shop to address the issue. 

NASCAR wannabes can only dream of the no speed limit German motorway---but the New Balance tribute to this destination...,is divided into Day and Night models. 

Both shoes were made in Flimby (England) New Balance factory....and in theory should be available here in the USA too.

In Our Inbox...the details:

Release Date:
On Saturday, October 26th 2013 exclusively in Germany at The Good Will Out / Cologne @175 Euros. November 2nd 2013 worldwide.

Day (M577 GWO1) The main colors of gray, blue and white are the outstanding features of the shoe. In all shades of gray, the tar road surface dar. blue and white symbolize the important drivers for the road signs on the edge of the highway. This is continued in various details, such as the occasional side "N" or the embroidered logo on the heel. The design of a driving license on the inner sole completes the shoe perfectly.
Night (M577 GWO2) Black, dark gray, red and white dominate this model and represent the night on the highway. Standing on a motorway bridge, as you can see on the right side of the red tail lights go of it and get the white head lights left on a. Thus, the left shoe, a white "Glow In The Dark" - the right shoe heel and a reflective red heel. This idea was implemented in the insole. 

The tongue of both models is provided on one side of the highway logo and on the other side with the model number 577 in the typical highway hexagon.