Thursday, June 6, 2013

NIKE FREE BIONIC KICKS for High Intensity Training- June 2013


CrossFit style workouts are the rage these days and Nike naturally has a shoe for that-for women-the new Free Bionic designed for High Intensity Training (HIT).  HIT combines quick, challenging, dynamic movements and includes activities like cross training, interval training, bootcamp, kickboxing and kettlebells. 
Using the 6 Core Moves of Training as the foundation for the shoe’s design, the Nike Free Bionic is engineered to withstand all types of HIT workouts on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 
The Nike Free Bionic features a minimum offset and low-profile outsole allowing women to truly feel the floor to aid balance during moves like squats and kettlebell swings. Synthetic overlays on the toe and arch add extra protection and support for HIT activities that utilize the whole foot, such as rope climbing and planking.
Additionally, the Nike Free Bionic is designed to be flexible in every direction, lightweight, low to the ground, and incredibly comfortable, allowing women to get through burpees, sit-ups, rope climbs and side sprints without worrying about foot comfort. The shoe features an articulated upper with strategically placed flex grooves allowing the shoe to move with the foot in a more natural motion. To top it off, the Nike Free Bionic includes a neoprene bootie in the heel and collar to keep feet in place and provide an extra element of support during HIT workouts.

Ultralight, wrap-around Flywire threads cradle your foot for exceptional support.
The threads are adjustable through the laces and wrap the midfoot and arch, helping to reduce internal slippage during movement.

 Available now $ the USA---in black too.