Friday, June 14, 2013

FRANCIS DUNNERY Rockstar Astrologer Consultant

The Ash Center
800 A Fifth Ave., NYC

Astrology delivered with a twist-as in "Shut Up, I WON"

Sure---when one is born/where---that sort of thing ---can generate a detailed astrological chart---no doubt-we could probably plug in the 411 online, somewhere and get printable streams of data---BUT

Interpretations, observations and life coaching advice---as performed by a deeply knowledgeable tall raconteur with a vast education on Jungian psychology and myths---at the ready to weave your own personal story...

Well, we doubt there is anything like a reading by the highly creative Francis Dunnery ---with a bio that reads itself "...(he) is no ordinary astrologer."

Oh yeah.

With appointments available via NYC's epicenter of scientifically sound-holistic preventative/well being alternative therapies-The Ash Center, Francis Dunnery can energetically weave a personal web for individuals- on their life's connections, personal traits, and offer insightful advice-depending on the reading, of course----all within the confines of a consultation room that barely contains his natural abilities to command a stage, imo.

Kinda like-connecting the chapters of a jigsaw puzzle story -about vous---using one's astrological chart-bolstered with fascinating (and practical) references to ancient Greek mythology, snippets of Grimm's fairy tales (and the like)- and Carl Jung---and btw breaking it down so as not only to entertain (Dunnery's other forte-see below)...but also to understand---especially for us without much of a background in any of that 'stuff.'

The entertainer part---well that's because Dunnery has also quite the accomplished performance life- as a multi talented singer/songwriter, lead guitarist---and the kind respected by other musicians too---meaning lots of session work, and producer for name dropping UK bands/individuals-like Squeeze, Robert Plant, Carlos Santana etc.

Which of course makes for a super pub buddy-with boundless enthusiasm- to hang out with- and watch the footy...but not necessarily someone we would think of as a legit astrological consultant.

But that he is...while the aforementioned bio---we think---feeds into his own aura-in a way---and appeals to that stereotype guy who wouldn't even thinks of having a reading by anyone else on the planet.

Details: The Ash Center

P.S: The "Shut Up, I Won" would make a great tee...and obvi- a great take-away of the session we had...applause worthy, in fact.