Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MODERN VICE 2012/13 Footwear-Men's/Women's Boots, Sneakers, Wedges, Boat Shoes, Lace-Ups

West 38th Street, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Jett Boot $385 @  Cloak and Dagger NYC

Jett-in fun Spring colors...
USA based performance wear and gear makers that we write about...never underestimate the value of made in the USA label-especially since so many companies rely on the must be made in this country--- US military orders- for  significant chunks of their income. 
Bloggers Dylana + Natalie Suerez co-designed several styles including the brightly hued chukkas-pumpkin orange and fuchsia pink suede $264-at Cloak and Dagger NYC

The fashion footwear industry-however-has shifted practically all manufacturing overseas-and even mass marketed "luxury" brands-are made in China...not in Italy, for example-and don't seem to experience a degradation in the brand's DNA... maybe.
Benni Tuscan-hand painted

BUT---a highlight at recent pr agency preview we attended---was easily the trendy and daring-stylish shoes and boots by new brand Modern Vice-that's all made in NYC-smack dab in the middle of the garment district on West 38th street.
Yellow Mickie-black leather w/neon colored studs hidden wedge sneaker high top-and WildCowgirl fringe bootie w/ studded side detail and matching neon outsole
The collection, designed by shoe prodigies- Jordan and Jensen Adoni---is crafted by some 100 talented laborers, in a Manhattan area that still offers up some of the support materials/hardware that goes into shoe production too (bonus,bonus)...and in this instance-still has the human know-how, mercifully ...as the Modern Vice label shares its DNA with ice skating brand, Klingbell Ice Skates- that custom crafts skates for Olympic Gold medal winners like Sasha Cohen.
very fun-pumped up kicks

Jett Jodpur-rugged safari veg leather-equestrian style strap, full grain inner/outer sole-men's available exclusively at OAK NYC

-classic cut moccasin on a dress sole w/cushion insole. Casual luxury! On right-Sydney boat shoe style-hand stitched tubular construction, raw hide lace, welted leather sole, suede and rattlesnake embossed leather

Fitzgerald Python-exotic skins-classic piped mocassin- on a dress sole w/cushion insole

lace-ups get jazzy with exotic skins

A few weeks later-lucky us-we got the invite to actually see the West 38th street atelier...where the Adoni Group (parent company-of Modern Vice..and other brands) and its employees-hosted a packed house of well-wishers.

inspiration board

Costello-chukka sneaker on espadrille wrapped bottom, raw hide laces in contrasting colors.

side zip easy on off-J

This was an enthusiastic crowd ---and no wonder. The new Fall looks from scion Jay Adoni's luxury footwear collection  had our jaws dropped (a later review)...drop-dead gorgeous.
western buckles...love this
And we also got a nifty tour ...where the white lab coats attired employees -(just like in Italy, fyi)...were clearly clocking in overtime.

wedge sneakers like we've never seen

pretty Spring colors Jett Boots
string trio---we figure-just for that night, clearly

Modern Vice Boots

shelves full of Italian leather skins-aromatic-reminded us of men's colognes

this shoulder bag-in the process of being finished-will be as big a seller as the shoes, imo
Finished bag-at Cloak and Dagger

in the middle-American Flag Wellie-limited edition-hand painted

Luis-in charge!
How this all began is quite the story---as Jay Adoni ---who immigrated to this company and pretty much opened his own NYC factory at the ripe old age of 18...and then went on to a very successful career, founding L.I. Simone in the 1970's and more recently the shoe brand Pour La Victoire in 2007.

checking the finish....

sweet-hand made suede bracelets customized with grommets, rivets...

A true believer in giving back and the trickle down/up effect of gainfully employed workers---AND a firm believer also in the disasterously negative effects of unemployment in this country...Jay Adoni has launched what he calls 3/97 Initiative...to bring back 3% of footwear manufacturing back into the USA...

At first-seemingly a modest goal---but in reality-a big deal!!!! And frankly-we think smart-as there is more control over quality, re-orders get filled in a timely fashion, and hot trends can be materialized a lot faster. And lower carbon footprint because shipping routes are localized-not oceans' wide---an eco plus too.

Each area has a targeted function-step by step (by step....).

roomful of lasts

Other brands we saw include Giraffe Walk-also made here...love these woven flats

Klingbell Ice Skates

selection of Cloak and Dagger NYC goods for sale-including select Modern Vice kicks

INFO: http://www.modernvice.com