Monday, October 29, 2012

RAE FRANCIS + APHRA BEHN S/S 2013 New Talent Women's Fashion

Gainsevoort Hotel-Park Ave. South/ACME Restaurant NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

This past week---we previewed two collections by relatively new to the fashion scene -designers. Both designed and made in NYC. Bravo.

A hotel suite was crowded with a lot of familiar faces---for the Spring 2013 contemporary women's collection of RAE FRANCIS --- by Savannah College of Art and Design pals Ariel Lilly and Christina Coniglio. (Named after the male relatives-fyi)

Buffalo plaid L/S shirt with cut-outs are a sell-out. We are surprised that there are no plans to make more---especially since this could be the piece that gives the designers an entreé to a bigger every editor we met gushed about this item.

soft grays---maxi dress out of silk---drapes beautifully

For this outing...the bohemian spirit of the Cochella music festival...and the glam rocker/singer/songwriter Florence Welch---inspired a romantic, flowing assortment of flirty dresses and asymmetrical skirts.

back cut-outs-design detail on several pieces

Also-feminine and cute---linen dressy shorts and floaty tops...

loved this pretty skirt-draped diagonal ---flattering
baby cool dress,,,

back cut-outs-can layer over stretchy tank top

signature-uneven hemmed free flowing boho skirt-in multiple fabrics-silk 

nice chiffon insets- sheer shoulders

polished shorts
Rae Francis-is available online ($136-$382) and in a few shops across the country---stocklists on website.

ACME Restaurant---has a downstairs space that probably could not have legally held another human being for an animated showing of tailored tops for women ---by former art lawyer- Jelena Darling---for her collection of meticulously made blouses-Aphra Behn (an English- 17th century professional female writer, fyi).

Jelena Darling
In an outing titled "Women Playing Games"...and they were---the affair was a fun way to show a few clothing pieces---namely "shirts-traditionally male sartorial game pieces-take on sheer sleeves, polka dot and precise tailoring to become pieces for women to play with for Spring."

The construction of these shirts-rival men's classic labels...and offer a variety of standing collars and collar spreads, slim fitting french cuffs for long sleeves, slim placket widths, french seams and side darts-for a feminine shape-and trims like the buttons of mother of pearls---in a selection of luxury Japanese and Italian woven fabrics.

A BIG PLUS---we we checked out the sizing charts---Aphra-Behn has added "a" sizes---meaning added chest size inches for ample gals with same waist sizes as traditional women's sizes.

We chatted a bit with the designer---who was inspired to leave her legal career---after lamenting the lack of tailored but feminine style blouses available for women. We thought of Thomas Pink ourselves---but note how that brand's English sizes are hard to fit into...for us anyway.
this trio is wearing the 100% silk ivory damask-with bishop sleeves, slightly scooped next, gold button closure on back. 

set list

Currently---several long sleeve shorts are available online-prices ranged from about $215-$235.