Monday, October 15, 2012

OPTIMAL SOLUTIONS® + NIKI TAYLOR Intro to Healthy Supplements and Complete Vitamin/Protein Shake


words/images Judith Ecochard

 Well, one things for sure...models are models for a reason

Stunning and smart---we are thrilled that Niki Taylor is clearly doing fabulous---poised, knowledgeable and's no wonder Optimal Solutions® went with this spokesperson

Niki Taylor, now ALSO a happily married mom of two small kids---flew in for the day from her Nashville help introduce media types to the new line of supplements/protein=vitamin shake by Nature's Bounty®, Optimal Solutions®

Naturally glowing -with a probably un-needed assist from Bobbi Brown cosmetics (we asked...!) ---this Florida native who epitomizes health---is an avid consumer of the Probiotics supplement (in a smart time released vegetarian gel capsule----that delivers the goods to the digestive system-effectively)...and the Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake....chocolate flavor-being her fav.

Here's why:

We actually tasted it---(and the vanilla flavor)---and were floored at how authentically chocolate it tastes without the chalkiness of other protein blends. Probably because- or partially, anyway---the proteins are a proprietary blend of pea, whey and rice proteins---with the plant based healthy for you Stevia as a sweetener---that leaves no weird aftertaste or added calories, real cocoa. 

AND packed with enough vitamins for daily needs including the Bs, C, D, plus anti-inflammatory enzyme Bromelain, ProbioGuard™ Probiotics blend with 1 billion active Lactobacillus acidophilus etc (big complex words), and Omega 3 loaded Flaxseed ...nicely served up- per 2 scoops- delivering high quality 15grams of protein at only 120 calories. Impressive.

We tasted blended with ice water---though of course -can add anything to the blend or sprinkle on hot cereal in the AM (or PM if you're like us and too tired/lazy to cook).

Since doing triathlons rather hard core---we have regarded food as fuel in so many ways---each ounce a matter of speaking...and when we get something so good for you, that tastes so amazing...nicely packaged too in a female shape plastic canister that won't take up an entire shelf of a refrigerator (what is with that anyway---and the protein powder containers are like half empty when you open them up anyway).

But we digress...

Optimal Solutions® gets a two thumbs up. PLUS---available in Walgreen's, CVS and Costco---a destination shopping retailer that gets our pals all swoon-y.

BTW---if you have kids- they would love this too---as much as all those Gummy Bear vitamins. But the market is women---with the slogan Beauty Starts on the Inside™

The other Optimal Solutions products---supplements---include---PMS and Menopause specific products, Extra Strength Hair, Skin and Nails...time-released 600mg Calcium with Genistein and other nutrients that work synergistically...and the aforementioned Controlled Delivery Probiotics---with 2 Billion Lactobacillus acidophilus and others (good!!!)---will all get used here.
NO artificial flavor or sweetner, preservatives, or gluten---with specific supplements free of a whole lot of other stuff that people might be allergic to. Check...

We already are big fans of the Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails---it really helped our nails exist---vs other brands we much so-we switched back after cheating on it for two months...while this version has 5000 mcg of Biotin (vs 3000 mcg)---plus other minerals, vitamins etc. 

WHAT ELSE: We learned that our digestive system is a key part of overall immune health---and who has time to be sick these days anyway. 

Not all vitamin-supplemtn brands deliver the quality in this relatively unregulated part of our food chain---or the delivery system--- so that the ingredients don't get killed off by stomach acids before we even have a digestive chance to benefit. 

Nature's Bounty---at least the products we tried of theirs (Hair, SKin Nails...and the Vitamin D3)...worked. So of course we were thrilled with this intro, and would have walked out with more samples ha ha ha---but of course they were all gone.

ADDED PLUS; The rather spacious Exhale Spa on Central Park West---offers a complete menu of spa services and yoga classes. We had a relaxing, meticulous manicure that had our ragged paws presentable thank-you...and a Deep Tissue -Aromatherapy Massage with the beyond capable ELaine---who managed to work out the knots---and have us in a deep relaxed trance- all at the same time. Blissful-the accommodations are spotless and the massage table, heated and cushioned...we could have spent the day...

The decor-east asian inspired, comfortable, and welcoming---smells great too, with soothing spa music that helps one leave any worries outside the front door. 

wood or metal---Chinese 5 elements philosophy--- tea-help yourself in the waiting room